Take a scroll down memory lane with Mark "Off the Mark" Parisi — enjoy this special anniversary collection, featuring exclusive commentary from its creator, PLUS a bonus comic (or two!)

#25: 1992

Sometimes, I'm surprised by what cartoons hit. This cartoon got a good response and ended up on a best-selling birthday card. The inside read, "Happy birthday to someone who's fun to be around." Which is both an compliment and an insult when it accompanies that image. It was also a Valentines and Thanksgiving card.

#24: 1993

I used a lot of different zip-a-tone patterns on this cartoon. Those were pattern stickers that you peeled and applied directly to the art. You cut away the excess with an X-Acto knife. Like I said, it was the stone age.

#23: 1994

It's fun doing parodies, especially about characters the influenced me. Peanuts and Looney Tunes were very influential. This one took a long time to draw, but I really liked the idea so I committed. I even saved it for a Sunday cartoon so I could spread it out and include a lot of characters.


#22: 1995

It's always a challenge to take well-tread subject matter and try to do something different with it. I still get a kick out of seeing that full-grown fly sitting in that bowl.

#21: 1996

Before I did Off the Mark, I flirted with doing a cartoon about fish. The name of the main character and the strip was going to be, wait for it... Fish. The two characters featured here are from that world-class concept.