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GARFIELD CLASSICS takes us back to the beginning to remind us why we fell in love with the lazy, cynical orange cat who loves lasagna, coffee, and his remote control.

Garfield Classics

Jim Davis

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Gentle Creatures is the story of a fat-headed bunny named Radish Cheeseweed, his good natured but dim witted dog Jingles and their pal Cecil, an opinionated stink bug. While it may be true that the bunny-dog-stink bug combination is an age-old classic, Gentle Creatures breathes new life into the union in a way that has been seen only a few dozen times before. Join the futility as Radish, Jingles and Cecil vainly attempt to keep their dreadful strip from being cancelled and used for fish-wrap by the mean and unfair syndicate monster, Editor Sue. Gentle Creatures is celebrated as the syndicate's smallest ever strip launch, at slightly less than one newspaper. ➜ Email Mel Henze

Gentle Creatures

Mel Henze

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Fan-favorite Get Fuzzy is a wry portrait of single life, with pets. Rob Wilco is a mild-mannered ad executive; Satchel is his sweet, slightly dim dog; Bucky is their sociopath feline roommate.

Get Fuzzy

Darby Conley

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For a family strip with bite, you can't do better than The Grizzwells, starring a four-bear family of grizzlies.

The Grizzwells

Bill Schorr

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A fab comic stripWritten deftly in haikuHaiku Ewe wants love

Haiku Ewe

Allison Garwood

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Half Full gives a unique and intelligent insight to the truths and trials of everyday life. From airline travel to social media, couples therapy or house hunting, it’s not always easy to see the bright side but if you wait long enough, there is usually something to laugh about.

Half Full

Maria Scrivan

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The innocent and naïve pig protagonist, Ham Shears, moves to the big city to try and make something of himself and mistakenly ends up working at a butcher shop. The well-meaning Ham doesn't make the connection between animals and meat products while the titular and eccentric "Boss" of "Boss's Butcher Shop" doesn't seem to notice the implications of hiring a pig to work for him. Uncomfortable encounters with butcher shop customers ensue and eventually Ham Shears meets two girls from the neighborhood, the plucky Jill and no-nonsense Ingrid. They end up befriending Ham Shears and get wrapped up in the day-to-day weirdness that comes from knowing an anthropomorphic pig.

Ham Shears

Madeline Queripel

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Dan Thompson

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From the funny papers to the halls of the Lourve, Heathcliff has entertained millions across the globe. 


George Gately

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"In the Sticks" is silly, absurd, smart and LOL funny. It's an affable strip about an ex-golf professional who's inherited a nearly bankrupt golf club populated by three very odd animals who (usually) try to help him make it work.

In the Sticks

Nathan Cooper

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Ink Pen: the insider’s look at the seedy underbelly of cartoon character employment. Find out what happened to loveable Bixby the Rat! Witness the struggles of Ham Hock, the talking pig, as he tries to break into a business that sees him as nothing more than a slab of meat. Meet (briefly) the plucky sidekicks, thrust into danger by careless superheroes and the villains they duel.

Ink Pen

Phil Dunlap

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Kit 'N' Carlyle

Larry Wright

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If by some strange happenstance you have never before seen a Kliban cat drawing, you will instantly recognize that each and every one of them captures the essence of…. cat. A well-established illustrator and cartoonist (Playboy, The New Yorker, Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head, et al) B. Kliban used to devote off-moments in his studio to drawing his felines Nitty, Norton, Burton Rustle and Noko Marie the Snake. An editor friend saw this work and convinced Kliban to let her take it publishers, and in 1975 Workman published CAT, a huge bestseller which inspired an outbreak of cat love that has not abated to this day. That groundbreaking book was followed by more books, and more drawings, which manifested on calendars, cards, mugs, ceramics, clothing – almost 9,000 unique items to date. And the book that started it all is still in print. Cat people of the world, rejoice -- and savor the twice-a-week pleasure of KLIBAN’S CATS. Comic is updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Kliban's Cats

B. Kliban

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Having trouble communicating with your feline friends? Then this is the cartoon for you… Follow the adventures of our cast of colorful cats and learn all about their language and behavior. Just what does ME-OWT mean? Where did they get their fear of water? And what’s with that obsession for boxes? Stay tuned and all will be revealed! Please note: Certain aspects of these cartoons may be offensive to dogs.

Learn to Speak Cat

Anthony Smith

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Liberty Meadows is the very popular strip by Frank Cho. Featuring talking animals and dimwitted humans, Liberty Meadows is hilarious. While the humans worry about the development of the various animals, no one is having more fun than the animals themselves. Laugh with these animals as they have adventures, fantasies, and animal group therapy.

Liberty Meadows

Frank Cho

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A lost little dog’s picture hangs on a telephone pole, a note begging for his return, reward offered, no questions asked. But the picture was taken some time ago, the poster now faded and curled from sun and rain. The Little Dog is a long way from the home he longs for. But truth be told, for Little Dog, the adventure of the open road is addictive – fraught with exploits both humorous and heroic, filled with characters both good and bad (but always interesting), and imbued with life lessons. Like any good adventure story, Little Dog Lost by Steve Boreman is a metaphor for broader concepts and bigger concerns. It contains parables and morality plays, palatably packaged in humorous comic strip form.

Little Dog Lost

Steve Boreman

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‘BTG’ is one of the most popular humor authors of all time. With numerous New York Times Best Sellers to his credit, countless publishing awards, and over 25,000,000 copies sold in 115 countries, you would think his brain would be highly organized ... But it’s not. The Lost Bear feature, exclusive to GoComics, is ample proof of this. Welcome to BTG’s lifelong cerebral misadventure. The Lost Bear showcases the delightfully odd daily debris that tumbles out of BTG’s head when his mental engine starts to misfire. This is public therapy at its most entertaining, set within an absurdist pseudo-intellectual petting zoo – Feel free to feed the bear.

The Lost Bear

Bradley Trevor Greive

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George is a quietly plucky sheep who wanted more out of life than what the flock offered, and so set out on his own to explore the world. He quickly made a fast friend in roommate Joe, a quiet and genial beret-wearing gent. Their attempted good deed – liberating an unhappy obnoxious parrot from a pet shop – came back to haunt them, in a good way, when the aptly-named Frank refused to fly away and turned their quiet duo into a noisy trio. These unlikely comrades, surrounded by colorful friends and peculiar extended families, face the befuddling challenges each day brings as they ponder their quirky way through life.

Lost Sheep

Dan Thompson

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Sam and Nina debate the creative process, the role of art and science, and just who ate that last can of tuna. It’s like a brain pill with a tasty coating of wit. Together, these two cats are the two sides of your magnificent brain… Magnificatz!


Steve Ogden

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Created by Brad Anderson, the classic comic canine has delighted newspaper readers since 1954. Marm lives with the Winslows, who have what it takes to run with the Big Dog, usually with a minimum of destruction. Sunday strips feature letters from readers about their pets.


Brad Anderson

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In the future, all the humans are gone. Now animals have evolved into 'people', amoebae are pets, unseen 3-dimensional humans are gods, and life on still pretty mundane actually. Come see how our animal replacements amuse themselves while working in a boring office and dating.

My Cage: New and Old

Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power

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Ollie and Quentin is a buddy comic about the unlikely friendship between a seagull and an adventurous lugworm. They treat us to their bird's eye and worm's eye views of the bizarre human world in which we live. Ollie and Quentin are best friends despite the obvious food chain disparity that suggests Ollie should be more interested in Quentin as a snack rather than as a friend. They both live in the pretty coastal town of Bigley Bay with Nobby, an affable single guy who serves as both foil and witness to their silly, mischievous high jinks.

Ollie and Quentin

Piers Baker

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"The Other Coast" was launched by Creators Syndicate in 2001 and, besides satirizing life in the 21st century, prominently features environmental and animal rights issues, something Raeside feels passionate about.

The Other Coast

Adrian Raeside

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Over the Hedge, created by T Lewis and Michael Fry, takes a satiric look at suburban living from the perspective of RJ, a gluttonous raccoon, Verne, a sad sack turtle, and Hammy, a manic squirrel/Elder God.

Over the Hedge

T Lewis and Michael Fry

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From Dana Simpson, creator of the uber-popular "Phoebe and Her Unicorn" comic strip, is "Ozy and Millie"! Two foxes. A dragon stepfather. A raccoon best friend. Mischief obviously ensues.

Ozy and Millie

Dana Simpson

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The most beloved comic strip in history. Dive into 50 years of Good ol' Charlie Brown and his pals.


Charles Schulz

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Phoebe and Her Unicorn is the story of a friendship between a little girl and a mythical creature. This strip brings a little bit of warmth magic into a world desperately in need of it. Dana Simpson's beautiful art and sharp humor are a delight.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn

Dana Simpson

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Need a change of scenery? Welcome to Pinkerton National Park. Meet Buckley, a happy-go-lucky fox, lover of walks in the forest and hedgehog fajitas. And Tucker Rabbit, a brash, sarcastic divorced sourpuss – with 42 offspring he craves, unsurprisingly, the sound of silence. Then there's Steve, the guinea pig raised as a Moose, and his do-gooder guardian and younger brother Martin, a well-antlered fullblood. There's mischief and mayhem in the glens and hollows of Pinkerton, not to mention what goes on in Fern's bar – often involving Wayne and Percy, the dishwashing ferrets. So pull up a stump: The wild has never been more weird.


Mike Witmer

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Please Keep Warm is essentially the television show Friends but with references to The Cure. Covering exciting subjects like not having an idea for a novel, showing a child how to play Doom II, and not knowing what day of the week Silicon Valley comes on.

Please Keep Warm

Mike Sweater

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Pooch Cafe is the story of a cheese-loving, squirrel-fearing, kibble-desiring, toilet-drinking mutt named Poncho. Unhinged by his master Chaz's marriage to a "cat person," Poncho escapes to Pooch Cafe for some canine camaraderie and to further their plot to rid the Earth of all cats with a giant catapult.

Pooch Cafe

Paul Gilligan