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Pearls Before Swine is about a nasty Rat, a sweet Pig, their animal friends, some dumb Crocs, and a bunch of really, really bad puns. Also, lots of drinking, smoking and misanthropic mayhem.

Pearls Before Swine

Stephan Pastis

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The PBF (for short) first started publishing in Syracuse University's The Daily Orange in 2001. In the following years, it ran in a number of alternative weeklies, including The New York Press, The Ottawa Xpress,The Portland Mercury, as well as the G2 section of The Guardian. After 3 years of weekly production, Gurewitch disappointed his fans by switching to an irregular schedule, citing mental and physical strain.

Perry Bible Fellowship

Nicholas Gurewitch

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Pie Comic is a collection of meditations on life, science, death, food, childhood, depression, naps, wizards, robots, dinosaurs, robot-wizard-dinosaurs, and whatever other fool notion gets into their creator's head on a given day. Most of all, Pie Comic is fun. If you don't like to have fun, you don't have to read it.  Visit the Pie Comic website!

Pie Comic

John McNamee

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Always hilarious, occasionally topical, and never predictable, Please Listen to Me is the world filtered through the mind of cartoonist Matt Lubchansky. Running the gamut from serious to goofy, each strip reframes the commonplace as the absurd or the absurd as the commonplace. Running the gamut from serious to goofy, Please Listen to Me reframes the commonplace as the absurd and the absurd as the commonplace.

Please Listen to Me

Matt Lubchansky

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Poorly Drawn Lines is a humorous comic strip updating three times weekly. Subjects are varied and include space travel, friendship, animals, people pretending to be animals, shapes, conversation, and the future. Read the full archive of over 200 strips at This comic updates: M W F

Poorly Drawn Lines

Reza Farazmand

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Pop Culture Shock Therapy is a single panel newspaper comic by New Jersey cartoonist Doug Bratton that parodies entertainment media, from television and film to cartoon characters and celebrities. Launched as a self-syndicated feature to college newspapers in 2002, Pop Culture Shock Therapy is now syndicated as a weekly feature by Ink Bottle Syndicate and appears in newspapers throughout the United States. In 2010, Pop Culture Shock Therapy earned its creator a Reuben Division Award Nomination for Best Newspaper comic panel. A combination “best of” collection and humor book titled The Deranged Stalker’s Journal of Pop Culture Shock Therapy was released by Andrews McMeel Publishing. (available at and

Pop Culture Shock Therapy

Doug Bratton

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Ashleigh Brilliant's POT-SHOTS are illustrated epigrams, never longer than 17 words. They are written in very simple English, so as to be easily translatable into other languages. In the process of creation, the words always come first, and (as is not the case with "cartoons"), they are capable of standing alone without requiring any illustration. But the illustrations add a special dimension to the finished product. They should be appropriate, but not too literal – more in the nature of commentary than of direct depiction, which makes creating and/or selecting illustrations one of the hardest parts of the work. There is no cast of characters, and the range of subject matter is virtually unlimited. Originality is considered an essential factor. What is said must be really worth saying, but, as far as possible, never actually have been said before. There can be humor, profundity, poignancy, whimsy or a combination of all these. Another criterion is that the material should have lasting value and be capable of being appreciated in other times and other cultures. Because of this stricture, there can be no rhyme, no rhythm, no puns, no idioms – in fact, none of the conventional wordplay that makes writing short expressions fun and easy. There can also be no intentional topical references. POT-SHOTS have appeared in many forms, with and without the original graphics, but their debut on GoComics is a totally new adventure.


Ashleigh Brilliant

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Errant sallies in history, literature, and thought.

The Quixote Syndrome

Peter Mann

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America's most ferocious Gen-X political cartoonist.

Ted Rall

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Dreaming in black-and-white has never been so colorful. Read the latest thought-provoking work from Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist Tom Toles. Randolph Itch 2AM is an expansion from Toles' editorial artwork toward a comic series based on his mind's wanderings while battling insomnia. It's a perfect display of a high-concept imagination and a wonderfully funny and continuing storyline.

Randolph Itch, 2 a.m.

Tom Toles

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) is a daily gag comic about science, love, sex, religion, philosophy, economics, and other topics probably best left to people who know what they're talking about.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Zach Weinersmith

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Savage Chickens began on a rainy day in October 2004 when, after one too many migraines, Doug Savage scribbled two chickens on a sticky note. Thousands of comics later, Savage still draws every comic on a yellow sticky note, and his work covers an eclectic range of topics, including: work, psychology, arachnophobia, pop culture, cats, time travel, love, zombies, and more.

Savage Chickens

Doug Savage

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Scenes From A Multiverse is an interdimensional look at everyday life in an ordinary multiverse. Each day we travel to a new location and discover both the strange and the strangely familiar. SFAM received the National Cartoonists Society divisional award for Online Comic Strips in 2011, the first time the award was given.

Scenes from a Multiverse

Jon Rosenberg

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Sheldon is a weird, wonderful little strip...with geeky characters, all-ages storylines, and lots of pop-culture nerdiness. Twice nominated for "Best Humor" in the Eisner Awards, Sheldon centers on a wonderfully odd little family: A boy, his duck, and the grandfather that raises them both. But the strip is also famous for venturing away from the main cast and into stand-alone comics and storyline, too. So there’s occasional delightful weirdness.


Dave Kellett

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A "shoecabbage" is a word in another language with the same sound as a word in English but with a different meaning. For example, in English a "shoe" is a covering for a foot, while in French "shoe" [spelled: chou] means "cabbage". Teresa Burritt and David Stanford’s single panel cartoon is both informative and entertaining!


Teresa Burritt and David Stanford

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In the days immediately before the digital photography revolution, Bee works as a photo-finishing technician in a one-hour lab in lower Manhattan. To amuse herself, she duplicates—for her own collection—any titillating photographs that happen to pass through her hands. When pictures of a naked corpse are left for processing, Bee’s curiosity goes into high gear. "...Like a Nancy Drew mystery adapted by Brian de Palma...He's a great illustrator, and he tells a convoluted story with economy and flair..." —Nick Hornby, The New York Times “Weirdness abounds in Shutterbug Follies—a giddy, splendid weirdness that makes the book a page-turner…It sits comfortably on a shelf between Daniel Clowes’s Caricature and Kim Deitch’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” —Marc Weidenbaum, The Comics Journal ➜ Email Jason Little This comic updates Monday & Thursday

Shutterbug Follies

Jason Little

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Sketchshark Comics by Megan Dong is a surreal and hilarious comic about everything from depressive Pomeranians to extremely sassy aquatic creatures.

Sketchshark Comics

Megan Dong

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Somewhere in this great nation is a top-secret government agency in charge of providing aid to America's nonhuman citizenry.  Perpetually overworked and underpaid, these dedicated civil servants soldier on with a dedication exceeded only by their respective passions for heavy rifles, stylish footwear, and good sturdy squeaky toys.  They're not our country's best nor our country's brightest, but to all the lost and lonely creations of misguided science wandering the wild places of this country, they are a beacon of minimum-wage hope.  This is their story.

Skin Horse

Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells

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Paul Madonna's "Small Potatoes" is a charming and emotionally nuanced look into a world where the potatoes may be small but the dreams (and occasional existential crises) are big.

Small Potatoes

Paul Madonna

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Dave Coverly admits there is no overriding theme, no tidy little philosophy that precisely describes what Speed Bump is about. "Basically," he says, "if life were a movie, these would be the outtakes."

Speed Bump

Dave Coverly

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Christiann MacAuley's Sticky Comics is a humor comic about relationships, technology, eating, hangovers, work, caffeine, and other problems. Originally drawn on sticky notes starting in 2006, the comic is still handmade on paper, warts and all. Often it's funny, cute, and irreverent. And sometimes it's a little depressing. But endearingly so... right?

Sticky Comics

Christiann MacAuley

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John Deering has started drawing cartoon panels, and the comic pages of our newspapers may never be the same. With Strange Brew, Deering -- famous for his biting humor and political savvy as chief editorial cartoonist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette -- has an outlet for his creative sense of humor and quirky view of life. "Being an editorial cartoonist today, you have to be tuned-in to pop culture as well as politics -- but there are some limits to what you can do," Deering says "In Strange Brew, everything’s fair game. I get to cut loose and draw anything."

Strange Brew

John Deering

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With a combination of funny-animals, morphed electronics, quirky people, the evolving universe and many, many more subjects, Max Garcia showcases his daily observations that range from witty and hilarious to biting, dark and grim with a playful twist. So take a stroll through Max's cartoon work and keep a sharp eye on the street signs…you may find yourself someday on Sunny Street.

Sunny Street

Max Garcia and Sandra Barthauer

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Tired of art snobs and their stuffy old museums? So was Steve Melcher, so he created That Is Priceless -- dedicated to taking art’s greatest masterpieces down a peg with irreverent new titles. You don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate Steve’s sticking it to the man on a regular basis – especially when that man is someone like Caravaggio, who when you look a little closer, was really kind of a jerk.

That is Priceless

Steve Melcher

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The New Carl attacks the world from a different angle with each new comic. Cartoonist Carl Skanberg breaks things down with a critical eye, rebuilds them with some sturdy brush strokes, and an oddly large percentage of guys in this alternate universe are named Carl. It’s a lush friendly landscape of ink and paper that invites readers to explore something new today.

That New Carl Smell

Carl Skanberg

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Join the Round Table Subscription Service and be the first to get Keef's weekly comics, plus the inside skinny on the world's foremost Gentleman Cartoonist! A snapshot of current events drawn by cartoonist Keith Knight, tackling the political and social issues impacting communities of color. Upcoming Events Keith Knight Germany Tour: Cartoonist Keith Knight is spending a large part of November in Germany for a speaking tour! Knight will use comics to teach students about police brutality in the United States.


Keith Knight

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Tom the Dancing Bug is a unique hybrid of editorial and comic strip cartooning, beloved by people because of its insightful and hilarious social and political satire. The strip appears weekly in newspapers around the country.

Tom the Dancing Bug

Ruben Bolling

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Editor Ruben Bolling has assembled some of the best and/or available cartoonists in the world to contribute features to this anthology comic strip that has been called “An anthology comic strip” by Anthology Comic Strips Quarterly. From “Marital Mirth” to “Marital Mirth,” these cartoons will put a smile on your face, adventure in your heart, or other things in other body parts. It’s a one-stop comics page and comics website all crammed into one daily comic strip, saving you time, effort and entertainment.

Super-Fun-Pak Comix

Ruben Bolling

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Applauded by both the Washington Post and Wired magazine, Too Much Coffee Man is just the twitchy, existential Superhero-everyman for these high-octane times. The pre-eminent icon of caffeine culture, TMCM gives us wild flights of fancy and dazzling monologues, twisted commentary and endless dollops of over-amped anxiety.

Too Much Coffee Man

Shannon Wheeler

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Unstrange Phenomena is a clever look at life through an unusual, intellectually-creative view of cartoonist Ed Allison. Having enjoyed a lifelong love of cartooning, Allison’s cartoons have been published in newspapers and The New Yorker magazine. This comic updates on Mondays

Unstrange Phenomena

Ed Allison