Nearly a year after the temporarily-world-altering release of Pokemon Go, another amazing creature is getting its mobile gaming due. Yes indeed, Garfield Go is here with an augmented reality experience starring the ever-evolving Jim Davis creation. Surprisingly, it makes Garfield get a ton of exercise! And the app even powers up on Mondays. See what we meant about ever-evolving?



Available as a free download on iOS and Android devices, the Garfield Go app uses your mobile device's GPS (Garfield Positioning System) to lay out a world stocked with comics and other prizes just waiting to be discovered. Like PG, players need to travel to said denoted locations to interact with AR game events. Trek to a spot on your map marked by a coin symbol, and you get three tries to flick Garf food items like his signature lasagna.




Successful tosses score a chest, which you have to seek according to a hot/cold indicator to find, tap, and unlock. Tiered chest rewards include comic strips, fashionable accessories for Garf, plus the occasional ultra-rare IRL prize like an Amazon/Starbucks/Domino's gift card. Collected comics are cataloged inside the game's library, and can be read at your leisure. You level up as you play, too, making it easier to conquer the game's gym-like cafe locations, which house food-based mini-games.




My only gripe? Developer Freeze Tag games didn't make the GoComics office a special location where, I dunno, a digital version of me gives you a high five? Are you listening Freeze Tag? There's still time...

You can try your food-flicking hand at Garfield Go to get some steps in your day, or you can always opt for a less physically demanding comics reading experience in our Garfield, Garfield Classics, and Garfield Minus Garfield archives.


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