undefinedDo you long to introduce impressionable youngsters to Pearls Before Swine, but fear a Socratic end for utterly corrupting youth? Fear not, would-be comics evangelist, for there is a solution in Suit Your Selfie: A Pearls Before Swine Collection.

Curated especially for middle-grade readers, Suit Your Selfie packs in 176 pages of what our official press release refers to as "jokes, jabs, and cringe-worthy puns." It's an apt description for readers of any age, but the kids in your life need only know it's "So, so, obnoxiously funny." It's a compelling enough comics work to render fidget spinners inert... or at least a few -- some kids can read books and fidget at the same time.

Augmenting the hilarity is the collection's special format, which stacks 3-panel strips. Some of the stacks are T-shaped, placing added emphasis on a slightly enlarged third-panel punchline. It's a handy visual cue that makes the jokes pop even more, particularly for readers who may be new to sequential storytelling.





You can snap up a digital or print copy of Suit Your Selfie starting today, and read Pearls Before Swine any time here on GoComics.


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