As a voracious reader of the late early '90s superhero comics, when I saw the title "MercWorks" I assumed I'd be reading about a grimacing team of costumed mercenaries taking on industrial polluters or somesuch. It turns out creator Dave "The 'Merc' in MercWorks'" Mercier had something better in mind -- a comic that helps readers laugh away the existential dread that both fuels and follows self-destructive behavior. Did you know it's way funnier watching a cartoon dude with a cartoon 'tude on life's emotional rollercoasters than reflecting on your own foibles? We're here to tell you, it totally is.




Making MercWorks even more enjoyable is Mercier's blend of expressive linework, painterly colors and solid-hued word balloons. Mercier employs his contrast and spacing skills to great effect, for multi-paneled strips that are so impactful that they may just be reading YOU.




So put on a foil hat to protect yourself from Mercier's comics' cerebral invasion and enjoy MercWorks starting today on GoComics.


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