Oct 18, 2014
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Rat: Whose drummer was Keith Moon?
Goat: Right.
Rat; Whose? 
Goat: Yes.
Rat: What's the name?
Goat: Watts is the drummer for the Rolling Stones.
Rat: I don't care about the Rolling Stones. Whose drummer is Keith Moon?
Goat: You are correct there.
Rat: Where?
Goat: Weir was the guitarist for the Grateful Dead.
Rat; How is he relevant.
Goat; Howe is the guitarist for a different band.
Rat: Who?!
Goat: Yes.
Rat: The Who?!
Goat: No. Yes. Who's guitarist is Pete Townshend.
Rat: I don't know!!
Goat; Third base!!
Rat: When would you like this hit?
Pastis: Winwood's the guitarist for traffic.
Oct 20, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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