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A fan of comics since before I learned to read. Also a fan of reading. I believe a good pun elicits groans. Good humor is not PC. Good humus is PU.

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  1. 4 minutes ago on Doonesbury

    If by cost you mean the cost to society in lost productivity, missed time at work, the breakdown of families, and the just plain wasted lives, then you’re right. If you simply mean price, then you are dead wrong. Heroin is cheaper than marijuana and cheaper than prescription drugs.

  2. 12 minutes ago on Signe Wilkinson

    Independent of all the political comments here, I would like to point out one incontrovertible fact of economics that is neither conservative nor liberal. Protectionism causes inflation. If forces the price of everything to rise, from raw materials to finished products.

  3. 35 minutes ago on Mike Luckovich

    I don’t see anyone here defending pedophiles.

  4. about 1 hour ago on Off the Mark

    The fellow on the right is on an all-vegan diet.

  5. about 1 hour ago on Ballard Street

    Have you no shame? Don’t answer that.

  6. about 12 hours ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    Way too close to truth to be funny.

  7. about 12 hours ago on Bloom County 2017

    Guest cartoonist Bob Fosse.

  8. about 12 hours ago on Doonesbury

    You can tell the comic is dated. Marijuana has been the largest cash crop in the country for years.

  9. about 12 hours ago on Get Fuzzy

    to pet a cute puppy named Rover.

    But when he stood up

    and picked up the pup

    the back spasms were no bed of clover.

  10. about 12 hours ago on W.T. Duck

    Makes perfect sense.