Baby Trump

Baby Trump


by Baby Trump

Baby Trump was the result of the unholy coupling of an anthropomorphic Cheeto and the ghost of Bob Ewell (the real hero of "To Kill A Mockingbird"). Baby Trump was born while on top of the antenna of the Empire State Building. Ouch! Right?

Baby Trump has an insatiable taste for the McDonald's McRib. And Baby Trump once ate 15 McRibs in a single sitting (hold the pickles and sauce on the side, ya bozos!). Baby Trump will not rest until the streets run red with the blood of all the bad ethnic people from those bad ethnic countries that you know that I am talking about (wink!).

And let Baby Trump be even more frank, to show you that Baby Trump is not a hard-hearted baby ... if those bad ethnic people are willing to work at Baby Trump's resorts for minimum wage ... then they may live. That's called courage, people.

Or ... or ... if they happen to be of Eastern European extraction, they should know that Baby Trump is currently screening applications for wife No. 4. Foxy babe applicants only.