For readers of a certain age, the "emo" in Enzo Comics' long-running Cheer Up, Emo Kid evokes serious sensory details. Get a whiff of an underage smoker on the street and you're inundated with images of jet black straightened hair hung over a carefully lined eye. Why, you can almost hear every song you loaded onto the 2GB iPod Nano your parents got you for Christmas! And that's as it should be. Enzo was inspired by that very realm in his teens. Of course, like so many grownup emo kids, his comic has evolved into something more hearty and robust. Where the Cheer Up Emo Kid of 2008 lampooned angst, the CUEK of 2017 exhibits apt adulthood incredulity.




What's a little unrequited young love when you've got a boss to deal with? Why can't we eat pizza for every meal? Remember when travel meant a vacation instead of a business trip? You want emo? Adulthood will give you something to be emo about... that is, if it hasn't already sucked the life out of you.

Laugh your way through adulthood's ceaseless underwhelming reveals twice-a-week with Cheer Up, Emo Kid. Its relatability will cheer you up no matter how increasingly dead inside you've become.