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Retired. Teaches Ethics seminar to politicians. Rooms with SDM under the bridge. Favorite comic strip - Marty & Spud. Favorite Oscar-winning film actor - John Holmes.

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  1. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Kinda….. How he got out of the van and sauntered away when Tracy was looking down at him a minute ago is getting to be a stretch.

  2. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Prolly a nice check! That seems to do wonders in today’s world.

  3. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Timmy, I figured out what’s with the hole in the windshield…… Remember Ugly Crystal? Remember what she totes in her little purse? Ahhhh – ha! I knew you’d figger it out!

  4. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    I’m with Ignatz. The apparent bullet hole in the windshield and the lack of blood ought to light up Avenger like a Christmas tree! I’m not a first responder, but I promise you ANY wrecker driver can tell you what is wrong with this accident scene!

  5. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Yup, Neil. Crawling up a slippery hill when the enemy is sitting on top with a firearm reminds me of the old Korean War flick, “Pork Chop Hill” I wonder if Tracy has a spare wheel of ammo for his little ankle gun? Those things (S&W Airweights) are only 5 shots.

  6. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Boys and Girls, it was a 50’ slope, which is quite a different set of physics from a 60’ drop. If a bus took a 60’ drop, the landing might have been a lot tougher than what actually happened! Highway slopes are seldom over 30 degrees, so you do the math.

  7. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Neil, I know it is none of my business, and you know I would back you up no matter what you did, but why was someone shooting at you (your last sentence)? ’Tis OK….. you can tell me…..

  8. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Thank you, Neil. It couldn’t be simpler. He killed him to hide the scam (pretty clear reason).

  9. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Tracy must have taken a liking to Ghost’s trailer hitch, since he obviously took the time to remove it. It would be a shame to see that double hitch and the attached handcuffs go over the mountain. As I said before, the PD might charge Tracy for those cuffs.

  10. about 6 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Timmy, as I said before (and others have said), Ghost wasted Simon to take that bag of money Simon and him agreed as the selling price for the restaurant. Plain and simple. You see, Ghost is a very complicated man, and not a very nice one at that. His parents did not do a very good job at raising him and instilling redeeming values in him. Now you know something about Ghost and why he killed Simon.