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  1. about 10 years ago on Chris Britt

    No…come forward Cummings and blab out your useless partisan blurtings…We so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o need to hear that NEW position on things. We so need to have you waste our time with your manipulative spin-control blather so you can save your liberal friends’ #ss.

  2. about 10 years ago on Matt Bors

    No…you take that vote – because you know its the only thing you p*ssy self can do…

  3. about 10 years ago on Nick Anderson

    When did gocomics start screening who can see what posts?

  4. over 10 years ago on Steve Benson

    And here’s another kicker…there’s nothing wrong with the tech-company – they only had two weeks two set it up: IT’S OBAMA – IF YOU DON"T HAVE to live up to standaRDS : WHY WORRY ABOUT MAKING IT WOrk for the people? He’ll just pass a decree, I mean an executive order to “fix” it.

  5. over 10 years ago on Darrin Bell

    The silliness is that the Libs think my HEALTHCARE must depend on any number of insignificant cluster-flubbed solutions that THEY provide – except for the important ones; like “Do I have a job?”, “Does the job I have make enough money to provide for myself,” (or is it so hard to make money in such a over-regulated market?), “Have they ill-advisedly gone ahead with their plan to sink as much private sector wealth as they can and made impossible for me or anyone else to take care OF THEIR OWN BUSINESS?”

  6. over 10 years ago on Robert Ariail

    After Lord Icarus is done melting down America; there will be conservatives to rebuild it I can guarantee…because that’s what AMERICANS do..

  7. over 10 years ago on Lalo Alcaraz

    That’s why you don’t buy your computer from a Government-financed Lib-Start-up…

  8. over 10 years ago on Robert Ariail

    “When a chicken crosses the road…” ; It’s been lured there by the Democrat?

  9. over 10 years ago on Tony Auth

    Nope…The country was created by mostly conservative dudes that were INSPIRED by the “liberal” intelligentsia" of the day; i.e., “The Age of Enlightenment”. The French Revolution – those were liberals.

  10. over 10 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    I’m conservative; and I have to admit, realistically, libs do not use american soldiers as pawns. After something has happened – say in Benghazi – they are not above throwing the military under the bus…But everyone knows that is what you get with true-Libs. And when they do use the military – they hesitate to put bodies in actual harms way (not that they don’t sometimes – this is just generally speaking).