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  1. over 14 years ago on Overboard

    Trebor39: WWII vintage song ref FTW!

  2. over 14 years ago on Overboard

    Whom is Greenguy on the left fighting? A stack of mice?

  3. over 14 years ago on MythTickle

    Will the tagger who doesn’t know the difference between limericks and haiku please return to middle school?

  4. over 14 years ago on MythTickle

    I’d do it. It beats my current health care option, which is zilch. Does the goat have to be dead? Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a live one?

    Yesterday’s post was supposed to be prefaced: “I have been off the air since October 4 due to a final, fatal, terminal computer crash. Just catching up.” Hence the time-warpedness.

  5. over 14 years ago on MythTickle

    Johanan Rakkav said, 7 days ago: Berkeley Breathed once wrote (in Bloom County), “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” (As I recall, it was Cutter - the man in the wheelchair - who said that, after one of his glorious downhill runs with his animal friends.)

    4deer: That one is usually attributed to Gloria Steinem, but she was quoting Tom Robbins. Steinem attributed the quotation correctly; it’s the people who quote her who forget she was quoting.

    Dypak said, 6 days ago: As long as we’re on the topic of Israel I happened to stumble on this the other day. I enjoy cultural music and foreign languages. This is Hatikva, the national anthem of Israel. It’s one of the few national anthems I’ve heard that is just nice to listen to, even if you don’t speak Hebrew. Enjoy!

    4deer: I have always liked this one:

  6. over 14 years ago on Rubes

    carpetinwater9 said, about 11 hours ago: Good thing he’s not using the middle finger! LOL

    Oh, I’ll bet the artist was sooooo tempted! Actually, we’re probably meant to understand that it is the middle finger that is intended.

  7. over 14 years ago on C'est la Vie

    This is the fourth most embarrassing story of my life:

    Approximately a quarter of a century ago, I got a severe sunburn at the beach in LA–the kind where, days later, your entire skin begins sort of bubbling, and, twenty-five years later, you’re still on the look-out for skin cancer. I was an indoorsy chick from the Midwest; what did I know from beach hazards? Well, we went to a science fiction con during the weekend that I first began to be able to move around a little without whimpering in pain. I went to whatever panel had the best air conditioning. So I’m sitting about halfway back in the audience trying to ignore my itchy legs, but finally couldn’t help myself and just reached down and began skinning myself in huge long strips, which I wadded up and pocketed until I could reach a wastebasket. I figured nobody would notice; when I had sat down, there was nobody in the rear half of the room.

    When the panel ended I discovered that Poul and Karen Anderson were sitting directly behind me.

  8. over 14 years ago on Cleats

    Well done, fbjsr. I too want to know the end of the story.

  9. over 14 years ago on Frog Applause

    That looks eerily like my favorite aunt, now deceased, when she was that age.

  10. over 14 years ago on Frog Applause

    4deer joins you there.

    A vicious silence can gouge more deeply than a vicious word.

    I have a feeling E glossa kokkala den echei kai kokkala tsakizei… is part of a famous quotation we should all know; I’m so embarrassed. Old Wolf? Don’t just throw that out there and then wander off….