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  1. over 15 years ago on Clay Bennett

    senorbullwinklePro says: GUN CONTROL is off the table. the SUPREME COURT has said, everyone has the right to own a gun.

    Not to disagree, but I thought the Constitution said so, you know, the 2nd amendment? ;)

  2. over 15 years ago on Tony Auth

    From what I heard the contracts locked in the bonuses at what they got for 2007–so even if any targets got missed (how could they not?) they were getting the money anyway. Kind of defeats the whole point of a “bonus”–now it’s just additional salary under a different name, which happens to be guaranteed to tick everyone else off.

    In any case, it was a stupid contract to agree to.

  3. over 15 years ago on Tony Auth

    I see MM has made most of the points I was going to rant about.

    I just wish everyone I am forced to share the road with took driving as seriously as I do.

  4. over 15 years ago on Gary Varvel

    Ah, yet another straw man has been erected. I agree with bcs, dhz, and Dale; I see nothing wrong wit hgetting out of that bubble & maintaining some kind of connection with the rest of the country (what a concept). DOn’t carea bit about the basketball, but it give him a break from dealing with the problems all the time–you all need a little break now and then, don’t you?

  5. over 15 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Very good cartoon. Though it seems some of us do get the reference, I have to say Mach is probably right in that most won’t have watched the old classic and will not get the toon.

  6. over 15 years ago on Jack Ohman

    fennec, yep. Had the same thought too. Obviously these guys just don’t get the situation they are in, and never will.

  7. over 15 years ago on Walt Handelsman

    cdward, agreed. Talk about reaching, gotta grab any little thing to criticize. To me this whole thing says more about the critics. From what I’ve been reading, those who have the most reason to take offense seem more amused and have thrown back zingers of their own. If they seem satisfied, then it’s time to drop it.

  8. over 15 years ago on John Deering

    Yes, and…? This happened a LONG time ago.

  9. over 15 years ago on Ken Catalino

    Yep, we could each be hit by a bus on the way to work, but does that stop us from going? I could go on for pages on that tangent.

    Get a grip. Just because it’s not a guaranteed success is no reason not to try–it’s better than sitting on our thumbs and hoping it all fixes itself.

  10. over 15 years ago on Jim Morin

    dtroutma: +1. I think it’s that memory deficit disorder kicking in again…