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  1. 2 days ago on Matt Davies

    Why is that do you recon? Who’s pushing to destroy public education? Who’s pushing to consolidate the media? Who’s pushing to destroy any sort of social safety network? Who is it that’s legislating for the rich and against the poor? I’m not Robin Hood, but neither am I stupid.

  2. about 2 months ago on Dilbert Classics


  3. about 2 months ago on Chris Britt

    LardAss45 was just the culmination of 45 years of far right – read fascist – machinations to seize this nation and use it as a profit center.

  4. 3 months ago on Non Sequitur

    Horse apples is not the problem, it’s them thirty minute meadow muffins on a hot summer afternoon that’ll splatter like a brick in the outhouse! OOO – RAH!!!

  5. 7 months ago on The Fusco Brothers

    I just realized how old I was when that movie came out!!!

  6. 7 months ago on Arlo and Janis

    Society grows great when old men plant trees they know they will never sit in the shade of. ~ Greek Proverb

  7. 8 months ago on Mike Luckovich

    Every time he opens his mouth he makes Warnock look better. A little perspective here: “This city is what it is because our citizens are what they are.” ~ Plato If Georgia is dumb enough to elect MTG, they’re stupid enough to elect Walker. What does that say about Georgia?

  8. 8 months ago on The Boondocks

    No, it really isn’t. YOU control the ISD you live in and YOU control the State board of education. Your vote determines the efficacy of the education system that educates your children and those of your fellow citizens. It’s the very reason the right is trying to destroy this nations system of public education.

  9. 9 months ago on Clay Bennett

    Warren E. Burger, Conservative Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court wrote an article in the January 14, 1990 issue of Parade Magazine, page 4, and I quote: “The Gun Lobby’s interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American People by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime. The real purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that state armies – the militia – would be maintained for the defense of the state. The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon he or she desires.”

  10. 9 months ago on Steve Kelley

    Kelly is just being a conservative Republican.