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  1. over 7 years ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    What credibility does Assange have?

  2. over 7 years ago on The Worst Thing I've Ever Done

    Had an opportunity some years back to speak with a vet of the 444th. Cool guy. Interesting.

  3. over 7 years ago on Tarzan

    Didn’t suffer enough.

  4. over 7 years ago on Luann

    The person who invents a staple gun, or air gun that will nail drywall, will make millions. I ran a one man show drywall co. for 20+ years.

  5. over 7 years ago on Luann

    Oddly, my HS social studies et al.(small school) teacher, worked on the screwfly project that virtually eradicated that pest in Florida. He wasn’t a scientist, but worked in the actual production facility, where the sexually more desirable, but sterile males, were produced. A real triumph of science, that one!

  6. over 7 years ago on Ted Rall

    This the real Trump! I suppose some are having buyers’ remorse. But where are those “originalists” who right now should be screaming for all electors,even those bound by state laws, to do their duty, and vote their consciences? The founders were explicit that the electoral college was intended to keep unqualified people out of the office. My ?s: Would you leave your daughter alone with Trump? Would you sign a contract with him?(have we?) And why the heck did Hillary not come out in her first sentence in the first debate and call him “crooked Donald?” High road?If enough of us are willing as oldies to do what we did as younguns and put our bodies on the line-God it makes me tired to think of doing it. I spent a lot of time in the streets in the Vietnam era, including Chi in 68. I’ve paid my dues.-We could help these kids not have to wait decades to get their country back. I also don’t get why the same media that helped elect this clueless monster is now trying to normalize him, except that it’s all part of life in a fascist state. They think they are smarter than we are! This is OUR country. BTW, seen the pic of the Native American on horseback watching the armored troop carriers roll in? You know, I look white, but he and I and West African people share blood, both literally and figuratively. And even if it were not literal, “If you cut me, do I not bleed?”

  7. over 7 years ago on Ted Rall

    I doubt there is any irony here!

  8. over 7 years ago on Doonesbury

    I believe these strips are from an earlier era, Flash. From an earlier crash. The boom and bust cycle is part of the price we pay for a “free” economy financed, or capitalized, if you prefer, by banks and stock markets. I believe we had a “dot com” bubble in the early 90s-remember AOL buying Time-Warner?-then a smaller crash following 9/11, and then the one I believe you are talking about in 07-08. They could even be from an even earlier era for all I know. This strip has beern around a long time.

  9. over 7 years ago on Alley Oop

    It went “Zip” when it moved, and “Bop” when it stopped,And “Whirrr” when it stood still.I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will.

    The first time that I picked it upI had a big surpriseI just could not let go of itIt was electrified.

  10. over 7 years ago on Ripley's Believe It or Not

    Pinned for the win and subsequent pregnancy.