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  1. about 2 hours ago on Gasoline Alley

    Late, but the next installment made it late this afternoon.

  2. 3 days ago on Overboard

    Personally, I would ask if “stop playing now and get carried home” was an option.

    But then I don’t have the legs I did when I was Louie’s age.

    Good evening D&D, I hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend.

  3. 3 days ago on Wallace the Brave

    Next time, try it with the goggles Spud.

  4. 3 days ago on Gasoline Alley

    “Dirk Gently’s Holistic HVAC Repair Service”.

  5. 3 days ago on Bozo

    " why are the cops always chasing Bozo?"

    Because he is there.

  6. 5 days ago on In the Bleachers

    Talk about your juiced ball…

  7. 7 days ago on Gasoline Alley

    In these situations, I generally go with what William Goldman said about Hollywood.

    Of course if some folks here have a problem with the current plots, you might check out what went on in the Alley in other times…

    This one is the ALLEY CATS OF GASOLINE ALLEY Facebook page (Our group). Answer some very simple questions if you want to join. Alley Cats

    This one is GA strips from 1921.

    This last one is a general comics group, but they have GA strips and link some like posts with hashtags like #gasolinealley1940s, #gasolinealley1950s.

  8. 8 days ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    What if LSH made a metal suit so he could appear outside of the bush without anyone (or us readers) actually getting a look at him?

  9. 8 days ago on Bozo

    3 – “Serpentine, Shel! Serpentine!” (this is obscure even for *me)

  10. 8 days ago on Gasoline Alley

    And I was just stopping by to note that last night’s installment finally made it up around noon today, heh.

    (By 2 am or so, my brain gets a little fried to think up the allegedly-clever introductions.)