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  1. about 13 years ago on Marshall Ramsey

    charlie has his glasses on backwards again.

  2. about 13 years ago on Tony Auth

    cant agree with you there, far too many “put asides”. capitalism is good. unregulated capitalism is cancer. you cant tell me that small town usa is better off with only one store in town, say maybe wall mart, hell make it Kmart , or no mart at all. competition is the basic premis of capitalism. once that competiton has been crushed there is no more capitalism. it is in essence less than communism. It is more of a dictatorial market. We are the only store in town, you get only what we sell, and we tell you what it is and how much it is going to cost you. yes companies need to be able to expand and recieve capital to do so. But the current wall street doesnt do dick for the current main street. I dont need capital from a conglomeration of banks with no interest in my success or failure. I need local capital from people who want me to succeed for their own monetary and convenience sake. Wall street does not act as advisors for investors they are simply the current con men extracting as much monetary value as they can get out of the populace, and they are doing it with out consequence.

    I was not in favor of bailing out wall street, let them fall. Wall street is Federal Reserve Money. That central bank money is the biggest con ever perpetrated on the planet. If we are going to be making money out of thin air we should do it under our own name the USA, not the Federal reserve.

    green backs worked…and it sure pissed off the central banks.

  3. about 13 years ago on Chip Bok

    stan? are you really the stripe? thats not cool man. just be yourself, that fun loving, common sense ignoring, tin foil hat wearing, dictatorial party animal.

    Im reaching out to steal your nose. I know you love that one!

  4. about 13 years ago on Stuart Carlson

    I am so glad stan is still with us. saves me from putting on the tinfoil hat myself.

    I am reaching out and rubbing your cute little pointy head. good boy stanley , good boy.

    keep barking out into the night, Im sure the boogey man is out there, some where?

    and I bet hes not Caucasian now, is he?

  5. about 13 years ago on Jeff Danziger

    triple 6 Im reaching out to rearrange those numbers on your forhead but no matter how you mix them up, you always end up triple 6.

    by the way you are wrong about liberman…he has always been a jack ass. Now hes just a jackass posing as an independent.

    If the Dems had any testicles they would have bleeep slapped that jackass over to your side along time ago. Sadly they don’t, and due to that lack of testicular fortitude the whole country is in a state of non-opp.

    I commend your side for spotting a jackass when they see one, and not letting liberman in on the publican side of the isle.

    takes on to know one.

  6. about 13 years ago on Jeff Danziger

    funny, I only remember him as a turn coat.

  7. about 13 years ago on Stuart Carlson

    scotty! give us a hand dont let that prophet stan go away. we need more cerebral monsters like yourselves! hey I tried getting tripple 6 to take stan out for a PALE ale, you should go along and keep our pal stanley in the mix. I bet that guy is a blast at the company Christmas party.

  8. about 13 years ago on Lisa Benson

    stan say it isnt so! please dont go, you are just to dam lovable!

    I will miss you buddy, the perfect balance of ignorance and animosity.

    save me a slice of that possum pie, please!

  9. about 13 years ago on Chip Bok

    hey triple 6 could you take our buddy stan out for a beer? just make sure its not a DARK beer. you know how rednecks and archaic weaponry really don’t mix well with alcohol.

  10. about 13 years ago on Chip Bok

    hammon thank you for the recitation of the constitution. possessing a copy myself, one NOT obtained from the RNC, they are quite similar. I would like to point out for all those enamored with the phrase UNCONSTITUTIONAL that the constitution is the “frame work” not the house itself. All houses evenlop varying occupants throughout their time. said occupants modify and remodel said house to their own wishes at said time. the “framework” however, remains much the same. the constitution was never meant to meet the needs or answer all the questions of all people/occupants at all times. It is however the heart of the home and the building platform for creating the environment in which we wish to live in.