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  1. 4 days ago on Bad Machinery

    That look on Lottie’s face…that’s a look that says ‘speak for yourself, Haversham.’

  2. 10 days ago on Trivquiz

    It’s also canon for the series (although they spent the first few seasons of the new series obscuring that and retconned one of the more controversial aspects). AND he appeared in several Big Finish audio plays, and the comic book take of 8 is modeled on him, which, while deuterocanon, clearly makes his version of 8 official.

  3. 10 days ago on Trivquiz

    Blanked on Capaldi and Whittaker, but got the rest. And Pertwee is one of my favourites – he and McCoy were my Doctors. (Pertwee was the first I watched, McCoy the first I managed to watch consistently.)

  4. 16 days ago on Bad Machinery

    Called it.

  5. 17 days ago on Bad Machinery

    I give even money that he hits on the wrong one.

  6. 19 days ago on Trivquiz

    Same, aside from blanking on 4.

  7. 19 days ago on Cheer Up, Emo Kid

    Sort of accurate in the Silver Age…wasn’t MPB, but an experiment exploding in his face after Superboy messed up blowing out a fire. (Post Crisis, he did get to suffer from MPB, but was already corrupt before then.)

  8. 22 days ago on Baldo

    I’m betting Baldo’s going to be volunteering there.

  9. 22 days ago on Heart of the City

    ¿Por qué no los dos?

  10. 25 days ago on Up and Out

    I have no mouth and I must get creamed.