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Templo S.U.D. Free

Formerly known as comixavier and then ИОМЯОМ when I was first on GoComics. My picture is the Seattle Washington Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints («el templo de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días» in Spanish, «o templo da Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias» in Portuguese; hence the "S.U.D." in my display name). So I am originally from Washington (not the District of Columbia nor Seattle). So if you think I am promoting the Church on GoComics as I make references to my religion in the comments, that is just your opinion, but do feel free to visit churchofjesuschrist.org and comeuntochrist.org. Additionally, if you ever see me come late for commenting, it would be most likely either I am working late at a grocery store or the WiFi is slow.

Recent Comments

  1. about 19 hours ago on Big Nate

    How’d that duck get in there? Maybe Mr. Rosa subconsciously put it?

  2. about 19 hours ago on Wallace the Brave

    Anything to get Saint Valentine’s Day off the calendar, eh, Amelia? What’s next? Saint Patrick’s Day?

  3. about 19 hours ago on Baby Blues

    tough, eh, Little Miss MacPherson?

  4. about 19 hours ago on Crabgrass

    just curious, but would Kevin still confident if the glasses didn’t have the lenses?

  5. about 19 hours ago on Gaturro

    vos intentaste, señor

  6. about 19 hours ago on Ziggy

    What about Rocky and Bullwinkle where the former is a squirrel?

  7. about 19 hours ago on Zack Hill


  8. about 19 hours ago on Thatababy

    I think Edward Cullen would have no problem with that kind of nightlight.

  9. about 19 hours ago on Ripley's Believe It or Not

    Fourth eye lid, pal.

    (I wonder what’s the second type of avocado to have been descended from the same tree.)

  10. about 19 hours ago on Pooch Cafe

    Now imagine Rapunzel as a long-haired dog (like a Saint Bernard or an Afghan). That would be some hair to worry about.