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  1. over 9 years ago on One Big Happy

    this may be a long walk if they’re the “forever stamps”

  2. almost 10 years ago on FoxTrot Classics

    anyone else notice in panels 1 and 4 that the tent flap tie-ups look like hair bows for Jason’s hair?

  3. almost 10 years ago on Rose is Rose

    I like Jodie Foster’s quote from the movie “Contact” … “if there was no one out there but us, sure would be a waste of space.” … like to think God did not stop with us but kept going …

  4. almost 10 years ago on Rose is Rose

    I once won a knock-down dragged out argument with my wife and had her on her knees due to my cunning wit and mastery of logical arguments … she said:....“Get out from under that bed, you gutless excuse of a fleabag.”

  5. almost 10 years ago on One Big Happy

    If 75% of the stuff we say to ourselves is negative, isn’t that a dumb thing to say? ………DOOOOOOHHHH!

  6. almost 10 years ago on Stone Soup

    depends on family and friends … one friend had an outdoor shower next to hottub … no bathing suits allowed in pool and had to rinse before swimming because oils and clothing fibers clog up filters … works for me.

  7. almost 10 years ago on Rose is Rose

    I thought I was wrong one time, but I was mistaken.

  8. almost 10 years ago on Shoe

    spend 5 to 6 years in college (units usually too heavy for 4 only) and end up with $60K in student loans for a $35K a year job … or go to trade school for $20K in loans for 3 years and get a $45K job as a plumber/mechanic/programmer … choices choices choices … or use the $20K your grandfather left you when you were born, which was now around $75K … graduate with no debt, while taking summers off to tour in the Orient with a singing group … my daughter has it real tough, let me tell you … ;-)

  9. almost 10 years ago on Rose is Rose

    The cat was helping her keep her form but would not allow downward facing dog …

    if you’re a cat owner, you’re used to be walked on by the feline(s) …

  10. almost 10 years ago on Herb and Jamaal

    I wonder how the media would have gotten all the sentiment if they had shown a recent picture of TM with all his tattoos and not the pretty one when he was younger? If they had said “a high school drop-out and burglary suspect was killed by a Hispanic neighborhood watch member with a gun after attacking him in a mistaken altercation”, would any one have followed the story for longer than 10 minutes or so?