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  1. 8 days ago on Chip Bok

    Unlike a cloth or surgical mask, an N95 respirator (as well as similar products, like a KN95 or KF94) is specifically designed to filter out the tiny viral particles that stay suspended in the air when exhaled by someone who’s infected — and not just the larger respiratory droplets that spray out like cannonballs and fall to the ground at close range.

    (These models are often referred to as masks but are technically known as respirators.)

    “The only thing I recommend is something like an N95 respirator,” says Lisa Brosseau, a bioaerosol scientist and industrial hygienist who’s a consultant for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

  2. 8 days ago on Chip Bok

    I’d like to see your source….

  3. 12 days ago on Chip Bok

    You are obviously too dumb to understand half of what he says. He is one of the smartest politicians in America today, and if he weren’t gay he’d be far more CREDIBLY electable for the Presidency than anyone else I can think of, especially if one includes Republicans.

  4. 13 days ago on Chip Bok

    The real lunatics didn’t wear masks and helped spread it around… that you don’t understand science and don’t give a Fµµµ about who you might infect is made perfectly clear by your post. That you also don’t know how many people might still be alive if people hadn’t been so selfish about their own “liberties” for the sake of a common good is exactly why Global Warming will leave the next generaton with almost no future at all. BRAVO for stupidity and egocentricity. And you talk about “controlling others”?

  5. 20 days ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    The UN calls on Israel to cease fire, but so far has - refused to label Hamas a terrorist organization- has refused to call Hamas criminal for not allowing the Red Cross to see the hostages- has not taken Hamas to task for commandeering the food trucks (and selling the food at outrageous prices to its own people) – has remained silent while Hezbollah continues to shoot hundreds of rockets at Israeli citizens daily from locations which earlier UN proclamations said Hezbollah was not supposed to be allowed into- condemn the presence of hundreds of Hamas combatants in Gaza Hospitals masquerading as doctors, nurses and administrators while using the locations for military purposes…It is NOT surprising when there are a Billion Muslims in 50 predominently Muslim countires and only 16 Million Jews – a quarter of which are in ONE UN Member state – Israel. THe UN is top-heavy in Muslim support therefore, completely biased, and it accepts HAMAS statistics without question.

    WHY expect Israel to listen to them and commit suicide just to make the rest of the world happy? Of course many of the Western democracies are calling for the same thing, but when one realizes that the Media NEED that Billion Muslims more than they need the 16 Million Jews to bolster its readersip and Newscast viewers – and the Western Countries need the International Commerce for their own Economic well-being, the answer is obvious!Capitalism and the Bottom Line is FAR more important to the world than anything even approaching fairness or morality.

    When the Presidents of the top Ivy League schools in America allowed anti-Semitic demonstrations on campus WHILE THE OCT 7 ATTACK WAS IN PROGRESS ( stating that it “depended on context” – it is worth noting that the “context” in question is the billions being given to those same Univerities by Qatar and Iran!The Hypocrisy behind demanding a cease fire is perverse.

  6. 21 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    " War implies roughly equal participants."

    Where did you get this BS? So 1948 wasn’t a “war” against israel because you had 5 Arab States (with a MUCH larger fighting force) against a small number of Israelis? Same with 1967?The fact that Hamas and Hezbollah are backed by Iran doesn’t make this a war?The fact that guerilla warfare exists and is a different way of fighting (as does hiding behind and using your own citizens as shields …)Interesting how you take a skewered opinion and make it into a claim of fact – ANYTHING not to admit that you might be biased or simply wrong. Sorry, but can’t be bothered answering you any more… you call my arguments “lies” but haven’t proven a single one as false. There are PHOTOS of the Grand Muftil visiting Berlin in 1942 – smilling as he visits a concentration camp… but because his genocidal intent is visible to everyone YOU call it a lie without ANY rebuttal at all -just name calling. Pathetic!Bye

  7. 25 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    Oh, so you think it is wrong to WIN a war against those whose only intent (for over 75 years) has been genocide from thebeginning?

    The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met HITLER on 1942 to try and get his help in eliminating ALL Jews from the Holy Land. That Was BEFORE Israel existed, BEFORE the Refugee problem, BEFORE Gaza or the west Bank, BEFORE Netanyahu or the Orthodox and the settlments; In other words, the intention of genocide by teh arabs against the Jews existed BEFORE any of the pretexts used to justify their murderous ways. All based on religous hatred and a refusal for anyone other than Musims to have ANY power in the region. Your credibility is total sh*t! Try reading a history book instead of Palestinain propaganda!

  8. 25 days ago on Michael Ramirez
    Nope… Israel is trying to exist, Hamas is trying to destroy everyone and everything around them with absolutley NO reposonsibility towards its own people. If you can’t see the difference, you are blind.

    Israel’s FIRST duty is towards its own citizens…NOT to those of the enemy. Alllowing Hamas to escape through a cease fire now is only kicking the can down the road to further assaults on Israel; Hamas has promised as much. Hamas’s first duty is to ITS citizens. But it uses them as human shields and WANTS a high death rate as it can be used for propaganda purposes. Hamas could have let its own people shelter in the tunnels from the bombing, but declared: "The tunnels are for us; Let the UN protect our citizens. "Hamas used billions to create its terrorist network rather than use the money for building useful infrastructure and comerncial businesses. They have been stealing the food and medical aid sent in and been selling it back to their own people at inflated prices. Hamas’ Charter calls openly for genocide, not only of Israelis but of “all Jews everywhere”. They also state as their ultimate goal to "convert or kill all infidels (that means YOU!) while creating a world-wide Muslim Caliphate.

    You obviously know NOTHING about the situatioin, the people, the culture – and have swallowed whole thepack of lies which make up most of the Palestinian narrative. Ethnic cleansing is done by them, not Israel. Apartheid is NOT present in Israel, where there is a diversity and freedom which NO surrounding Muslim state comes even close to emulating. Palestiiain Israelis can vote, run for office, are on the judiciary and even teh Supteme Court, fight in the Israeli army AGAINST Hamas, and have better lives under Israeli rule than any Arab anywhere in teh Middle East. Try and find anything similar for non-Muslims … you won’t!

    Your level of ignorance or naivete are astounding;

  9. 29 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    You are being either disingenuous or simply don’t understand. To a REAL trans person (as opposed to those following a trend) it is not at all a “proclivity”. It is a deeply held psychological certainty that they were born in the wrong body. It is REAL to them, but the average person (YOU!) or the media selling scandal or especially politicos searching votes – it is falsely presented as “a choice”. It is NOT. The same thing was done 60 years ago concerning homosexuality. Touted by psychiatrists as an illness as “I’ve never seen a homosexual who isn’t psychologically ill”, the public accepted that version. Until someone pointed out that one doesn’t GO to a psychiatrist if one is WELL – so of course they only saw sick gays. The Medical profession was forced to admit that their own prejudices blinded them to the most obvous of facts!The religions claimed it as a “sin” (their claim to fame) so they insisted that homosexuality was “a choice”. One can CHOOSE to be “good”. Blah blah! ANYTHING not to simply accept a fact they didn’t like – or lose power over the social narrative!

    But this is typical of Conservatives. They mistrust diversity. More important, from a political angle – they always use DIFFERENCE as a way to make political points, by taking a minority group without much clout AND who most people don’t know SH*T about – and then use scare tacitcs (“They are after your children!”) Works every time to a certain kind of the electorate! They did this when Blacks and Whites wanted to marry; “Think of the children who will be teased in school!” blah blahThey trotted out the SAME arguments 30 years later against gay marriage. They are now trotting out the same arguments against trans people: “your children are in danger from rapistsdressed as women!”You have been expertly manipulated. A well-oiled propaganda machine used by the press, the politicians and the religous to keep you in their camp. But it is based on lies! Wake up!

  10. about 1 month ago on Michael Ramirez

    You are making a spurious simplification based on the kinds of articles or press given by the tabloids. Young people gravitate immediately towards trends that seem to single them out as different and draw attention. They will move on to the next trend within minutes/days or months. These are the ones you mock for changing all the time, but it is youth in general and not only those calling themselves trans.

    Unfortunately, young trans people today have been highly influenced by gay militant tactics from 30 years ago. VISIBILITY was the key to gaining acceptance. Militants have convinced them they should use the same tactic! But REAL trans people traditoinally never really sought visibility. Most simply want to PASS and be left alone to live their lives unhindered. The Feminist movement made a similar error in tactics. Told incessantly that to be fulfiulled they needed to go out into the business world and compete effectively like men, MANY women followed this ideologically-based advice only to finally admit that it was NOT making them happier. For some women it was a good thing, for many not.Trans poeple have been led astray in the same way. Told what they SHOULD want, many are now parading around dressed like the Kardashians and trying to tell eveyone that they MUST be accepted “as they are”. The backlash has been sobering! Perhaps the most succesful trans person in history was a man who lived his life (in the military or politics or whatever) – was married with chldren, and was highly respected by everyone. It was only on his death bed that an autopsy showed that he was in fact a biological woman. He had managed to live his entire life without seeking visibility. And was happer for it!