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  1. 4 months ago on The Flying McCoys

    Love the black board

  2. 7 months ago on Mike Luckovich

    Do not forget wars for the control of oil sources…

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  4. about 1 year ago on ViewsEurope

    an old comparison https://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/05/europe/turkey-opposition-march/index.html

  5. about 1 year ago on Maria's Day

    Exactly me this morning

  6. over 1 year ago on ViewsEurope

    the rooster “is” the French n°10 Mbappé and the sun looks like Macron…

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  8. almost 2 years ago on ViewsEurope

    Despite of the covid crisis, the inflation, and the oil/gaz crisis with Russia a lot of European are in summer vacations. La vie continue ;-)

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  10. about 3 years ago on Shoe

    :-)) Ok this one makes my day!!!!! LOL