Kirby close up with poppies behind   close cropped

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Cat whisperer, writer, comedian, engineer, widower, graphic artist, masseur, programmer, photographer, dancer, and two college degrees in humble.

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  1. 29 minutes ago on Ziggy en Español

    A Disneyland para ver “Raton MIguelito”?

  2. 31 minutes ago on Zack Hill

    Uncivil disobedience gets punished, too.

  3. 31 minutes ago on Thatababy

    I don’t know about you but this gives me a nice worm (sic) feeling.

  4. 32 minutes ago on Real Life Adventures

    Do NOT look upstairs under the bed in the master bedroom!

  5. 33 minutes ago on Pickles

    The one where he glued the guy’s left hand to the park bench?

  6. 33 minutes ago on Over the Hedge

    New rules are just random recombinations of the old rules.

  7. 34 minutes ago on Next Door Neighbors

    They resort to a five-star rating system.

  8. 34 minutes ago on Nest Heads

    Excess sugar may not make kids “hyper” but it sure can cause digestive problems because it causes a “bacterial bloom” in the digestive system. Of course, that will be Mom’s problem.

  9. 36 minutes ago on Freshly Squeezed

    Well, it might be ironic, if he were reading a computer repair book.

  10. 37 minutes ago on The Born Loser

    ‘Cause she’s so svelte?