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  1. over 11 years ago on Dick Tracy

    The Dick Tracy comics strip cannot have such low standards.

    If the Dick Tracy comic strip continues with this storyline the Tribune Editors most certainly will censor it. You cannot portray a young child IN DANGER of an adult predator in a nationally syndicated comic strip, which is what Dick Tracy is. It’s not a gag a day go comics strip.These Dick Tracy staffers are surely setting themselves up for censorship by the Tribune Syndicate.

    The Dick Tracy comics strip cannot have such low standards.

  2. over 11 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Sadly Disappointed With The New Storyline, By Gulliver. The Censorship Has Made This Story Very Confusing. Both Today And A Few Days Ago! Could It Be That The Censorship Is A Decision By The TMS Editors?

    Disappointed And Confused. The Recent Third Panel Replacement Affair Is Confusing. The February 11th Newspaper Strips Apparently Choose To Run A Different, You Could Say Safer Third Or Last Panel. This Leaves The Reader To Speculate: Was The Drawing In That Last Panel That Terrible That They Needed To Remove It Entirely And A Better Drawn Panel From Later In The Week Put In As A Last Minute Replacement? Or Did That Last Panel Upset An Editor So Much That It Had To Be Supplanted With A Kinder, Softer Or Less Controversial Drawing?Did The Cartoon Figures Say The Wrong Things To Each Other? Or Were The Cartoon Figures Put In A Seemingly Bad Situation? The Panel that Ran Online, (Not In Print), Appears To Show A Young Child In the Passenger Seat Of A Car, Seated Next To A Sweaty Old Man, No Less. Could This Be What The Editors Saw As Being Over The Top? It Remains To Be Seen. Inappropriate Conversation? It Remains To Be Seen.

    This Story Remains Dull And Boring. Hope It Turns Around Soon, Even If It Means Replacing More Frames On A Daily Basis. Seems More Panels Might Need To Be Removed To Make A Better Story.Do Something Even If It’s Wrong! This Whole Mess Reminds You Of This Week’s Carnival Cruise Line Passenger Ship Horrible World Tragedy. A Limited Tragedy Of Personal Discomfort, That Ship Was A Floating Petri Dish. And The Only Thing That All The Passengers Had To Eat All Week Was Warm Water And Onion Sandwiches! Just What Are The Owners Of That Passengers Ship Trying To Hide? ( Seen With Today’s News Stories … ) And Similarly Here On The Daily Tracy Strip; --Just How Many Onion Sandwiches Must The Readers Here Endure? *.Some Examples Of More Exciting Entertainment… -Rewatching Banana Joe Win The Westminster Dog Show, The First Affenpinscher, Ever! (Looks Just Like A Little Werewolf!) – Reading The Transcripts Of The 2013 State of the Union Address. – and (sadly) …. Sleeping…..(sigh)

  3. over 11 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Strange….(sigh) You Just Gotta Wonder Why The Newspaper Changed the Third Panel The Other Day.Someone Appears Not To Like the Young Girl/Old Popeye Guy One On One Panel (huh)?Hope That Old Popeye Rip Has No Valentines Designs On Her. He’s A No Good Criminal!…………..Did Not Want That Last Panel. Sure Makes You Wonder Why?Could Be ….No…Oh Well. Maybe The Next Story Will Be More Exciting Than Tax Free Mutual Bonds!(sigh)

  4. over 11 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Sure hope Tracy will be doing something more than talking to his radio and showing up at the end.

  5. almost 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Measles has been eating too many greasy meals. .She has broken out all over her forehead, again..What’s in the bag? My guess is more C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E !.Not a fair gun fight. She shot ED ASNER under the table..Who does she thinks she is? GREEDO?...

    Listen LADY, I know GREEDO, YOU ARE NO GREEDO! . SIDE-NOTE: >>>>>>( If you are not watching or listening to the debates…. Shame on you! )

    ..And don’t change your shorts, but COME ON -———- Let’s QUIT ALL THE SMOKING!.And Measles, that’s not very lady-like, gal. Let’s not forget your lunch tomorrow and ED ASNER won’t have to bring you his.

  6. almost 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Now Let’s All Be Positive Now,No Negative Nellies Here...Let’s use this opportunity to have a kind-of-wake for the Dick Tracy while WE CAN!.Long time posters will remember when the ANNIE strip went away and we ONLY had one day of remembrance for that Classic comic strip, ‘Little Orphan Annie.’.Let’s All Have This Mark The First Day Of A Week Long, Official Fan’s Week Of Remembrance Of The Classic Comic Strip, Dick Tracy!.Over Eighty Years, Wow!!!.I’ll start it off……..Lots and lots of fond memories of the Classic Strip, but like everyone I remember most the FIRST stories by Gould that I read. The very first Rick Fletcher strips were my favorites!! .And my favorite image from the Dick Tracy was the Moustache-O Dick Tracy of the 1970’s! He had sideburns then. And even slightly longer-ish hair, too! But that Moustache put the look over the top..Before the End…..Bring back the Moustache-O Dick Tracy!!!And if I may be so BOLD, Please give it the BILL EARL TREATMENT for me!.…… What’s the BILL EARL TREATMENT, you say?……Well let me spell it out for you….. The full name is really the California Buena VISTA BILL Earl Treatment. This is when posters ID names are used in the actual comic strip!! Like just recently when Bill Earl’s ID name was in the strip!! And Vitamin Flintheart was his SIDEKICK (to boot), get it (to boot). LOL Come On, That’s the GREATEST!! -—-Well, for Bill Earl at least. So here’s a possible scenario…… Let’s have the NEW STRIP draw Dick Tracy with that Classic 1970’s Moustache-O look. And have Lizz walk up to Detective Dick Tracy at a crime scene and say to him, “WOW, TRACY WITH THAT NEW MOUSTACHE OF YOURS, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE A GUY I DATED BACK IN 2011 NAMED ANDREW!”.That would be GREAT, (for me!!). Well. It’s a thought. “Wow, my own BILL EARL TREATMENT!!! That would be GREAT!”...See, Now you add your own WELL-WISHES for a very deserving comic strip..And Remember- – - – LET’S KEEP THIS POSTIVE! – - – - No, No to NEGATIVE NELLIES! . . “You can go elsewhere with the negativity, PAL!” . .. Remember NOW . . . A week of POSITIVE POSTS!Let’s take the opportunity to do something the ANNIE-fans NEVER got the OPPORTUNITY to do….SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT THEIR FAVORITE COMIC STRIP!- – – Be Cool, or be cast out! (QUOTING RUSH, that is)

  7. almost 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Welcome, welcome one and all…..Everybody loves to me FIRST..Me, too..So, here it is. My well wishes to the ‘Old Gal,’ as she fades into obscurity. The days of the daily “adventure” strip have always been numbered and with more and more GREAT STRIPS like ‘Cul de Sac” gone away, I’d like to be the FIRST to wish her well..The New Tracy-ophants have done their best. Sometimes hitting it out of the park, sometimes striking out, but they always tried their best. When it’s been good, it’s been fun, but eh…. A good effort put in by all. Good job, Tracy-holics!.But how long could it last…. With only a couple of dozen newspapers running the strip, (Two dozen at the most), we all saw this coming. None of us liked ANNIE going away, (just look at her last day’s comments). Even the steadfast BRENDA STARR had to go kicking and screaming into the void..So off you go old gal, we had fun. Now don’t look back. We had it all but we lost it. It’s not original, but……. I’d like to be the FIRST to say, “See you in the Funny Pages!!!”...

    .Now don’t get your panties in an uproar—— Dick Tracy’s NOT gone away today. But the writings on the wall. Just count how many daily story comic strips are left. Not many. And with only a couple of dozen papers printing the Dick Tracy strip daily, it can’t be profitable for the Chicago Tribune any more. Not at all..And come on, We all love to be the FIRST poster on anything. So, you can call me ahead of my time. But I’m the FIRST. I’m the FIRST..Here’s my send off to the old gal, ……she had her day didn’t she.And if you care to re-read those Classic strips——- check out the truly Giant books published by WWW.IDW to see how Gould made his mark back in the day in the then thriving comic strip marketplace. There are at least six Big volumes, maybe more. With Fantastic introductions written by MaxAllen Colins. He describes eloquently how Gould successfully wrote and drew a profitable Dick Tracy comic strip, published in Hundreds of Thousands of newspapers Worldwide!.Gould truly was a visionary. He knew how to cook a strip, oh boy!And there even was an okay movie made by that awful Warren Beatty in the roaring 1990’s.So off you go Old Gal, we’ll remember you well. 10-7-2012 = FIRST Official Obit (the FIRST)..Good boy.Good boy. ruff, ruffYAY ME! I’m the FIRST to post. (The last days that is) ...…….first to post.

  8. almost 12 years ago on Monty

    Happens to me more and more all the time.

    Universally FUNNY. Just GREAT today!

  9. almost 12 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Wondering WHY Dick just does put his right arm through his trench coat sleeve and not have his coat slip off him like a CAPE would?!?.Just what is that shadow hanging out above Muggs eye?….. A face, a vase, a strange strange case..Just about the STRANGEST looking fish/shark/eel/ fish-eating-his-own-tail/grouper in the tank behind the children. Hope the Kids can ‘Save the Day’ since we know “RIGHTY-TRACY” won’t be much of a help..HMMM… Lunch sound like a good idea..FISHIE, man, FISHIE

  10. almost 12 years ago on Dick Tracy
    Another impossible angle! * No way that First Panel is possible!*No one person could ever get his hands that way, (to take a wrist photo).Try It. Put your left hand in front of you. Now try to position your right hand coming in from above so you can see the top of your right hand. Not Possible.Only way that this can be done is if Tracy has a partner reach out a touch his inner wrist.Guess that’s called DOING THE TRACY.