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  1. 5 months ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    …who is that sad for?

  2. about 1 year ago on Jen Sorensen

    Also, I’m sure Amazon could make their search engine more accurate, if they wanted to. It’s almost as if it benefits them to have people spinning around and around on their site trying to find things.

  3. about 1 year ago on Jen Sorensen

    I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find the product with the least worrisome negative reviews, and I always feel like I am making a mistake when I order something.

  4. almost 2 years ago on Jen Sorensen

    Better if the guns are dropped out of giant floating stone heads.

  5. over 2 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Sorry to see Joe go… I’ve been a fan since way way back when he was drawing E-Man!

  6. about 4 years ago on Dick Tracy

    With all due respect, this is not what I read Dick Tracy for. Actually I don’t even read it at all when it’s just nostalgia guest stars from other strips.

  7. over 4 years ago on Messycow Comics

    Hell is other parents.

  8. almost 5 years ago on False Knees

    Almost literally this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smZxrVTOWbk

  9. about 5 years ago on Dick Tracy

    With all due respect to the people who enjoy the old-timey comic strip nostalgia - and I used to read Gasoline Alley back in the 70s myself- DT lately is feeling like a new Star Wars movie that’s 50% walk-ons by characters from Krull and The Last Starfighter and visits from R2-D2’s long-lost cousins Twiki and V.I.N.CENT.

  10. over 5 years ago on Jen Sorensen

    Looks like the Loc-Nar ended up in another courtroom…? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D13KjR_Xvc