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  1. 13 days ago on Working Daze

    Great Scott, now this is going to bug me tonight. I contemplated before on getting fake vomit and toss it on the passenger seat of a convertible with the top down. The wall paper bugs might be fun to have or roaches with sticky feet pads. Then again, I would get into too much trouble.

  2. 13 days ago on Frank and Ernest

    Great, now I want a donut topped with a scoop of ice cream and sprinkles on top.

  3. 16 days ago on Ziggy

    99 red balloons (Nina)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiwgOWo7mDc (English)https://youtu.be/Fpu5a0Bl8eY (German)

  4. 19 days ago on FoxTrot

    He probably stopped reading over her shoulder because it wasn’t annoying her. Maybe if she said both!

  5. 20 days ago on Working Daze

    We telecommute 3 of 5 days, if we are at home or in the office we all have Window offices. My personal laptop is also on Windows.

  6. 21 days ago on FoxTrot Classics

    The one I usually get is the personal pan peperoni deep dish.

  7. 21 days ago on Broom Hilda

    Hey, I would if they were gummy worms!

  8. 21 days ago on Broom Hilda

    Hey, beggars can’t be choosers! Eat up Broomie! You asked for it.

  9. 22 days ago on Herman

    Years ago I helped with a blood drive at work, on Halloween, dressed as a vampire. When it was my turn there were several people with cameras. You don’t often see a vampire GIVING blood. Pictures went in the office newspaper.

  10. 22 days ago on Working Daze

    I know the concept but I couldn’t see it until I flipped it in Microsoft Paint. Excellent!I’ve seen Escher’s “Relativity” and the like but had to flip this one.