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Dave Free

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  1. about 18 hours ago on Skippy

    Insightful commentary on the characteristics of humans.

  2. about 18 hours ago on Bozo

    Look at the brickwork in the second panel set, consistent for all 3 panels. There’s something satisfying about his attention to detail.

  3. 3 days ago on Super-Fun-Pak Comix

    Or stuck with a warm bowl of gazpacho.

  4. 3 days ago on Scary Gary

    Surprised no one suggested the BBQ option. And the fur is just enough for a pair of mittens (Get it? Mittens from “Mittens”?)

  5. 3 days ago on Pooch Cafe

    Many snakes prefer “pinkies” (pink because they are furless newborns)

  6. 6 days ago on Lio

    That one made me groan so hard it hurt!!

  7. 8 days ago on Cul de Sac

    I bet Grandma’s loads of fun at parties!

  8. 8 days ago on Over the Hedge

    “Nothing…on your body above the waist” did that go for women too?

  9. 9 days ago on Mike du Jour

    Hey, somebody had to say it…

  10. 9 days ago on Mike du Jour

    Huh, I didn’t know wearing a shirt and tie was even an option for tarantulas…