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  1. over 3 years ago on Mutt & Jeff

    In recent one, he and Mutt were both unemployed and homeless. And Mutt’s marital status seems to be vey fluid.

  2. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    England, though not on the continent, and not using euros, is a European country. Frisian, spoken in parts of the Netherlands, is considered the closest language to English- but not mutually intelligible.

    For fun, I put that last sentence into Google Translate, to see what it suggests as the Frisian equivalent.

    “It Frysk, sprutsen yn dielen fan Nederlân, wurdt beskôge as de tichtste taal oan it Ingelsk- mar net ûnderling begryplik.”

  3. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    The trarian view, however, is that you may never get the troll, or other person, to budge an inch on their position- even if they’re utterly misguided.

  4. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    I have a list of ones that John jotted down. I haven’t thrown any of my own so far. But some of ‘em are challenging. I have to think "Does this one exist already? Because I don’t know every emoji there is," as well as “How do I make this fit within the general emoji style- simple floating heads- some with disembodied hands- and generally facing forward.”

    So far I’m doing them in the order that I can work out the challenge.

  5. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    My Dad quoted the one that said “Never argue with a fool. They don’t understand what you’re saying, and they always think they’re winning.”

  6. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    It’s how English speakers outside of the US pronounce Z.

  7. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    Accents aren’t pretentious, and pronouncing aunt as ‘ont’ isn’t formal. It’s just a cultural difference.

  8. over 3 years ago on Maria's Day

    That’s the problem with continuity gags. But we wrote this in 2012. We were so young and unworldly then.

  9. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    But just think, you now own that nice bridge in Brooklyn.

  10. over 3 years ago on Working Daze

    There’s one about five hours from me.