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  1. about 4 hours ago on The Born Loser

    Yes, and Noah’s wife was named Joan.

  2. about 4 hours ago on Ballard Street

    Things are going to get ugly when Warren runs out of treats to give to Scooter.

  3. 1 day ago on Broom Hilda

    I call it a buzzard asking to get zapped.

  4. 1 day ago on Working Daze

    Does Sal ever know what day it is?

  5. 1 day ago on Free Range

    What she will do to them won’t be a laughing matter.

  6. 1 day ago on Birdbrains

    You would rather live like a chipmunk?

  7. 1 day ago on Ballard Street

    Don’t worry, Ted knows the drill. On the other hand, if you have a boat maybe you should worry.

  8. 1 day ago on Garfield Classics

    What? no poi?

  9. 2 days ago on Monty

    I suspect that Monty will end up being the first victim of an April Fool joke.

  10. 2 days ago on Geech

    Those two couldn’t get a man even with baseball bats.