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  1. over 9 years ago on Chan Lowe

    @Gary KleppeI don’t care how much I don’t have, I don’t want anything from the goverment! If I can’t work for it, I don’t get it.

  2. over 9 years ago on Steve Kelley

    Smoke and mirrors.

  3. about 10 years ago on Dan Wasserman

    Should a person working at WalMart make more than minimum wage? I don’t think so. It’s a beginner’s job and the person should be planning their future to move on from WalMart. I would make minimum wage too if I had chosen not to learn something to make myself valuable to a company.

  4. about 10 years ago on Faces in the News by Kerry Waghorn

    @Harleyquinn – LMAO I knew he looked like he had to do something. This doesn’t even look like a caricature of Mitt Romney!

  5. over 10 years ago on Jeff Stahler

    He never failed a test. It’s just a witch hunt that he was having to pay for. Giving up the financially draining fighting of false charges does NOT make him guilty of anything.

  6. over 10 years ago on Andertoons


  7. over 10 years ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    BHO has a clear vision of the path to socialism.

  8. over 10 years ago on Dan Wasserman

    Why is it always “gun” massacre? It should be called crazy person massacre. The crazy person is the one who did the massacre, not the gun.

  9. over 10 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    I really wish someone would explain what’s so hard about getting a picture ID. I’ve had one since I was 15. I had to show my ID to see a doctor yesterday. How do people live and function without one?

  10. over 10 years ago on Doonesbury

    You have to have an id to do everything else, why not to vote?