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  1. 1 minute ago on CowTown

    Maybe it’s custard this time!!

  2. 3 minutes ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Always thinks he’s in control!!! Hah!!!

  3. 4 minutes ago on Buni

    The zombie is hungry for all those smart brains!!

  4. 9 minutes ago on The Argyle Sweater

    Let’s hope there are no other scents in the air besides coffee!!

  5. 13 minutes ago on Adam@Home

    I like that Katy is strong, opinionated, and fearless!!! Clayton must sleep with one eye open!!

  6. about 2 hours ago on Bird and Moon

    Comment above this refreshed my memory!!! It’s the golden eagle. It is one serious bird!!!

  7. 1 day ago on Strange Brew

    Yes, he would represent everyman, and then some!!!

  8. 1 day ago on The Fusco Brothers

    J.C.DUFFY: How about a Fusco strip with the boys and Carlton Bonnet??!! Could be great!!!

  9. 1 day ago on Eek!

    And he had to walk 8 miles, barefooted, to school!!!

  10. 1 day ago on Bliss

    Too late to change doctors!!!