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  1. about 1 hour ago on Non Sequitur

    Only places I know where there is a market for used furniture is university towns or the areas right around a university in larger metro areas where the students are furnishing an apartment near campus and are on a budget so places like Kiwanis and St Vincent DePaul seem to move a bit of old furniture in such locales.

  2. about 1 hour ago on Breaking Cat News

    Indeed he did and I venture to say he probably did a better job than many of the people in Congress are doing in 2024!

  3. about 12 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    Fostering any pet is mega-cool! As far as ferrets go, I recall a few from my university days at FSU and up at the U in Tuscaloosa. They are lively little devils and will chew things up if allowed to. They eat meat obviously and one of the ferret owners I knew who was in grad school in zoology at UA told me a cardinal sin was to feed the little guys cat food even though both are carnivores but good kitten food could be used in a pinch if one had no other options according to her vet.

    Another dude I knew said his ferret would tease his roomie’s cat and then hide under the sofa when the offended feline decided that a pursuit was required; just like Ora Zella was infuriating Elvis this week but my friend said his ferret “Zippy” was relatively well-behaved.On the negative side: a fraternity slacker I knew from my FSU days claimed his ferret would drink a shot glass of beer if offered but this nimrod was a piece of work. He did not make it past his sophomore year at FSU before getting recalled to his sleepy North Florida/South Georgia town (I think he was from either Valdosta or Live Oak) due to having a “Delta House, Bluto-like GPA”. Anyhow, I would not be surprised if I saw this guy in the news for doing something truly despicable or being a very powerful politician or bureaucrat from his county or more likely: both! Some people should not be allowed to have pets (or procreate for that matter).
  4. about 12 hours ago on Peanuts

    Just to add to your point, although FL does have a minimum wage of $12/hour, it is simply not a living wage either. The cheapest rentals throughout FL in places which are not visited by the police every night and televised on “Cops” are $2000 a month plus in metro areas and nearly as high is smaller cities. Additionally, due to the increased minimum wage, many stores have chose to scale back hours to keep payroll down (as well as avoid paying for health insurance and other benefits to full-time help) so we have a service worker sector that lives from paycheck to paycheck by working 2, sometimes 3 jobs a week to afford rent, utilities and food (plus daycare if one has a young child who needs to be looked after). Transport is another issue, used car prices have soared so many have taken to the HARTLine here in Tampa (our bus system, no light rail yet). Life is tough for the working man Sambora but yeah, the Commonwealth of PA needs to put that number y’all have into the 21st century. The living wage is far north of $15/hour but it is a place to start…….

  5. about 13 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    Sometimes I think some of the viral desire for old outdated novelties/fads of the past happen simply because one dorky nimrod with a lot of money at hand to spend and not many friends or social outlets decides that something is “collectible” and throws a lot of coin at it and starts an artificial bubble for this market which the people who work in collectibles latch on and milk until the bubble bursts. The smart person sits back and watches the train wreck happens, the smarter person is the one who manipulates the scene via marketing but knows when to move onto the next revived fad. Of course items made of precious metals and gems are excluded from this scam/scheme, err trend.

  6. about 13 hours ago on Non Sequitur

    Some of those little devils are now worth a nice bit of coin! On the other hand, other things like Beanie Babies did not fare so well. Sometimes I think it just takes one eccentric imbecile with a lot of money at hand to spend/lose to decide that something is “collectible” and throw a lot of money at something and start an artificial bubble for this market which the people who work in collectibles latch on and milk until the bubble bursts.

  7. 1 day ago on Luann

    True, Luann knows nada about Piro’s siblings. She truly thinks doing a Kookla, Fran and Ollie skit is going to help the lad.

  8. 1 day ago on Luann Againn

    I am just stating obvious facts and unless you have been in a bubble or coma for the 21st century, reality is harsh, the world is not in a great place right now and especially here in the US it does not show signs of getting better.

    Additionally, this is a comic strip where Brad had zero redeeming qualities pre 911 and Luann still has the mentality in 2024 of the young teen in the ’90s except now she is competing for a guy who needs psychiatric help, not Aaron Hill, so in essence she is now the one whose only redeeming qualities might be having empathy for her fellow man but this could also be simply her desire to win a “competition” against Tara and Bern. In a way I am glad Karen has made her a sideline attraction in the strip as there are far better story lines with the other characters who seem to have more interesting stories to tell. Plus I think I explained my thoughts on 20 year olds and JuCo to The Skulker. In a world where rent is over 2 grand a month, there is no shame with living at home like Luann, heck, boomerang kids are probably the largest growing demographic in lots of America and that is a term only used for kids who left the nest and returned, not Luann. Its a harsh world out there.
  9. 1 day ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Indeed, that one flew under the spellcheck ;)

  10. 1 day ago on Peanuts

    Not too hard, as I think back to 1977 as a 12 year old kid I remembered that Coke in the 16 Oz bottle was 15 or 20 cents back then (plus the deposit on the bottle) and just type in a few words into Google and voila. Glad I entertained you this morning Woodstock. The great thing I love about GoComics is that it brings entertainment to the young and old as well as the intellectuals who are great to read/respond/banter with and even the occasional imbecile/simpleton who chooses to attempt to read/comprehend a post and respond ;) Have a great Saturday!