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  1. almost 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    Because handcuffs are too obvious, and a ball and chain is too heavy!

  2. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    I don’t speak for Stephanie, but I would say yes to both.Whatever it takes. Non-violence is the preffered option, however.

    ‘Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword’ say the Scriptures, and it may well be that in the progress of events the working class of Ireland may be called upon to face the stern necessity of taking the sword (or rifle) against the capitalist class…"The Worker (socialist newspaper) 30 January, 1915. Reprinted in P. Beresford Ellis (ed.), “James Connolly – Selected Writings”, p. 210.

  3. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    Rubbish. Capitalism is not synonymous with economics. Marx described something called a “productive communist enterprise” basically a democratically controlled worker owned co-operatve business. The guys in Silicon Valley have been doing this for years, but capitalists simply call them “entrepreneurs”.Check out a video lecture “Capitalism Hits the Fan” by Richard Wolff, and also his interview last week on PBS’s Moyers & Company. The first video I mentioned you can find also on Moyers’ site.

  4. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    All true. But the Militias alone would have lost the war early on. The Continental Army was a professional army and gave the cause a fighting chance. No it wasn’t quite enough on its own, but it made the chance of winning possible. I don’t discount the heavy French military support as the deciding factor (also there was some Spanish and Dutch primarily financial support). I merely point out that it was a game changer.

  5. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    The American Revolution began when the militias hopelessly stood up to the British Army. Their defiance encouraged the Continental Army (an arm of the Bristish Army) to join the cause. Only then did they have a chance to win.Defeating them may not have to be violent. If they refuse to harm their own people we win.

  6. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    So same rubbish? This doesn’t even make sense, today.

  7. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    I do need it. Society needs it. You need it more than anyone here. Really, you need to stop this nonsense and really read Marx and study some Marxist theory from an unbiased point of view. Both the Pople and the Dali Lama agree it is a moral economic system. I know you rely on greed and murder for your bread and butter, but its time for a change and a new future.At the least, just go away and stop ranting about a comic you hate so much. I stopped follwing Star Wars when it got silly, but I don’t go to Star Wars coventions telling people how much rubbish it is. Dude, you have issues.

  8. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    I disagree that socialism stifles creativity. Too much Ayn Rand in your diet maybe, cut back a bit ;-)It would however have different objectives, making money would not be one of them. I strongly disagree that money is people’s primary motivation for doing anything. Money should be compensation for doing unpleasant things if it should continue to exist at all.

    If we could begin to build such a world that would nuture and develop individual creativity I think we would see an amazing amount of new innovations, arts, and sciences.Because capitalism does not do this and treats people as commodities, and only very few exceptional people are ever discovered, we probably lose an mind like an Einstien, a Mozart, a DaVinci every year to poverty.

  9. over 11 years ago on Minimum Security

    Why do you come here day after day to just complain? If you don’t like it then don’t read it!Its a cartoon, so its going to look “cartoony” get over it!You must have a pretty pathetic life it you think the best uses of your time is to read cartoons you hate and make negative comments about them, day after day after day.I thought Ima was the worst troll, but now I think you are worse.I guess making video games to encourage a war mentality and bloodlust for military recruitment in order to kill more people weighs on one’s conscience, eh?

  10. over 11 years ago on Tony Auth

    Nothing topical here. This cartoon could have been any day this year or the last 20 years. The Elephant says the same damn thing for as long as I can remember. Amazing how many people believe him.