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  1. about 9 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Really, folks…If you seriously can’t take it, just say so, and I’ll leave you alone to your own delusions. Don’t just delete my comments. That’s so conservative of you. This isn’t fox “news,” or is it?

  2. about 9 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Whoops! There goes another one. Did I offend the “monitor?” We do circle the wagons, don’t we?

  3. about 9 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    Once again, ignorance and hate rise up out of the sewer that is conservatism.

  4. about 9 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    I totally agree with you on that. We may have seen our last republican president, unless, of course, they just buy the White House and hire another lobbyist to put at the desk. These people are seeing the power they’ve held for decades slipping away, so I’m sure they’ll do something to try to preserve it. They obviously care nothing about most of the country, so don’t wait around for them to do anything but try to obstruct Obama and the Dems. They have no plan of their own for anything; why would anyone vote for them?

  5. about 9 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Years ago, my father joined the NRA because he had inherited a .38 police revolver from his father-in-law, and he wanted to know more about gun safety and care. I think most MEMBERS of the NRA fall into this category, as well.

    More recently, however, the NRA is not about gun owner rights or safety training. It has become nothing more than a lobby to increase the profits of the gun manufacturers. My father would not have remained in this organization, as it has now become.

    To those on this blog, who are so obsessed with fear about your own government: What happened during your nurturing years to have caused you to have such fear? Why do you allow yourselves to be so easily misled by big corporations?

    I get the feeling that some of you would eat sewage if someone, whom you saw as an authority figure, told you it would taste good.

    As some of you here like to say: Prove me wrong!

  6. about 9 years ago on Michael Ramirez

    ansonia: If it’s a hoax and Obama has nothing to hide, why is he preventing Benghazi survivors from testifying?

    Where do you people hear this drivel? Is it fox “news?” Who actually said that he’s preventing them from testifying? There’s no there there, as much as you want there to be.

    Did you have these same concerns when bush invaded Iraq? I’ll bet not.

    There’s so many real problems to deal with, and you people continue to be obsessed with non-issues.

  7. about 9 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Debt Free: So you have personal knowledge of what I have seen and are able to write about it?

    I think the real concern is whether YOU have personal knowledge of anything. Period. It doesn’t take a genius to observe the ramblings of paranoia. Your hatred of Obama, and liberals in general, goes way beyond anything resembling sanity.

  8. about 9 years ago on Rob Rogers

    You’re hearing voices again! Actually, food stamps are similar to corporate welfare. The poor don’t hoard their money, regardless of how they got it. They spend it, thus helping the economy and agribusiness. The wealthy don’t recirculate their money, regardless of they got it, they hoard it in secret overseas bank accounts, thus helping nobody but themselves.

  9. about 9 years ago on Rob Rogers

    The wall streeters are doing very well under the stimulus. The stock market goes up or down inversely compared to the economy. No one likes cheap money more than a capitalist! If you know anything, you should know that. Oh, wait, that’s the problem, isn’t it? Lack of knowledge.

  10. about 9 years ago on Rob Rogers

    Well said!