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  1. over 8 years ago on Luann

    She doesn’t need to be “given away”.

  2. over 8 years ago on Luann

    Great pun. (:

  3. over 8 years ago on Luann

    I actually found the strip this week quite well done.

  4. over 8 years ago on Luann

    Oh, Bernice.

  5. over 8 years ago on Luann

    Haven’t kept up with this as of late, but a romantic storyline for Bernice sounds interesting, and something we haven’t seen in a while.

  6. almost 9 years ago on Luann

    (a) Not all handicaps are visible.(b) Why block the space for those who need it next?-Not a fan of text lingo, but smh.

  7. almost 9 years ago on Luann


    I read the comments on both videos, and while some were indeed negative, or even racist, they are tame in comparison to what Tiff has received.-Why?-(1) Tiffany has less than 400 hundred views. The mere fact that she has any comments at all is astounding. Yes, a YouTube video with thousands of hits will attract trolls. But one with 350? Probably not.- (2) The commenters on Tiff’s video are insulting her on the basis of what must be either her appearance, or voice. In one of the video you linked, a negative comment revolved around how the speaker often ended their sentences with “yeah”. People comment on real grievances like this: delivery and presentation. Not their superficial judgments of some anonymous girl.

  8. almost 9 years ago on Luann

    The thing is, this wouldn’t actually happen in real life. My sister watches handful’s of make-up videos, and I doubt anyone is mean enough to use that as leverage to type a nasty comment. If they didn’t like it, they’d just move on.

    What would happen is that Tiff would have less than a hundred views, and probably no comments.

  9. almost 9 years ago on Luann

    True, her appearance sans make-up is much improved. And I agree, make-up isn’t necessary for beauty.

  10. almost 9 years ago on Luann