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Eye Broccoli

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  1. 20 minutes ago on In Security

    She has eyes? Humph, I, too, was looking elsewhere….

  2. 24 minutes ago on The Flying McCoys

    A hockey haiku…

  3. 7 days ago on Wondermark

    I’ll gladly accept your payment today for a hamburger on Tuesday…

  4. 14 days ago on Amanda the Great

    I’m confused. Just exactly what causes salt water to blow up? Are in danger of the world’s oceans spontaneously combusting?

  5. 16 days ago on Cornered

    He only bought so he could brag to the other guys about the size of his tool.

  6. 17 days ago on Pooch Cafe

    Why did the Polish name their city after the sound of a thunderclap?

  7. 17 days ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    For a Canadian goblin, wouldn’t it be “Blart, eh?”

  8. 18 days ago on Last Kiss

    Maybe it’s the perspective angle that Frazetta didn’t quite get right, but Abby is looking particularly Ruebenesque in this one….

  9. 19 days ago on Brevity

    Aren’t they all?

  10. 20 days ago on The Fusco Brothers

    I’d like to give you some of my money to buy beer, but that’s what I need it for.