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Eye Broccoli

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  1. about 9 hours ago on Last Kiss

    Yes, but it’s OK because he self-identifies as 22.

  2. about 10 hours ago on In Security

    You think that’s confusing, read up on the rules of cricket!

  3. about 10 hours ago on Baldo

    Sign in a uni-sex bathroom:

    Gentlemen, please stand closer; it’s shorter than you think.

    Ladies, please remain seated for the duration of the perfomance.

  4. 9 days ago on Wondermark

    I read somewhere many years ago that intense brain activity does, in fact, burn calories. Just not that many. Apparently, the mental energy expended by taking the SATs can be replenished by eating a single peanut.

  5. 12 days ago on Over the Hedge

    But if you give him a phone, he’ll get a call offering an extended warranty shortly thereafter…

  6. 13 days ago on Cathy Classics

    Relax, 46,245 of them are spam….

  7. 18 days ago on Brevity

    Right outta my mouth…word for word!

  8. 20 days ago on Brevity

    Disco was catchy?

  9. 21 days ago on That is Priceless

    Mrs. Paul’s fish stix are to fish what McNuggets are to chicken, or an Arby’s sandwich is to beef.

  10. 21 days ago on Brevity

    Oil and vinegar on mine, please. But make it 5W-30; I’m on a diet.