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  1. about 8 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    Much as I’d like to take my Mom to Disney at least one more time, this is just another reason not to want to go to Florida. DeSatan will probably want Disney to allow armed people into its parks. Nothing good could ever come from that.

  2. about 8 hours ago on Gary Varvel

    Varvel forgot Putin’s Orange Puppet, who would hand the world over to both of these fascist dictators.

  3. about 8 hours ago on Rob Rogers

    It seems collectively that many of us had the same thought about this. The Wackos In Waco Rally.

    Orange Traitor is grifting as long as he can. He hasn’t formally put in the paperwork to run for President, so all the money people are sending him are just paying for his overcooked steaks and ketchup.

  4. about 8 hours ago on Ted Rall

    Oddly, it seems to work better for some than others.

  5. about 9 hours ago on Clay Jones

    If their gym teacher is a Republican it might not be a bad idea.

  6. about 18 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Which is why they have to keep their base stupid by blaming “Wokeness,” and not their own corrupt policy practices.

  7. about 19 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    Exactly, anyone can sell a product, it does not mean anyone has to buy it. No one should buy anything from anyone selling the hate he had to sell.

  8. about 19 hours ago on Steve Kelley

    Yup. I know someone who’s ex boyfriend nearly killed her. All his mother had to say about it, was if my friend had died, meaning her son had murdered my friend, it would have ruined his life. As, far too many women in that situation she blamed herself and never pressed charges, as she should have. It happened when she asked his mooching rear end to move out of her house. BTW, she lives in the UK and some issues are the same there as they are here. Meaning men assault women, blame the women for the assault. And sadly, the women all too often blame themselves for being assaulted. It’s messed up, wrong, and time for future generations of women/girls to no longer shoulder the blame when they are assaulted by someone they should trust not to harm them.

  9. about 19 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    Well, Carter didn’t disappear, but he definitely put his energy into much more worthwhile ventures, such as Habitat for Humanity.

    W. wasn’t technically a defeated president, but disappeared in disgrace as he should.

  10. about 19 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    I know, I wish Hillary had been quicker on her feet that day he was following her around towering over her. Of course, how could she really prepare for such a buffoon at a presidential debate? She should have simply turned sharply around and asked mocked, “Are you lost? Do you know where you are? Your podium is over there. I recommend you go stand behind it.” It would have cost her some response time, but saying that and just staring at him, or perhaps continue speaking, but keep facing him down, making him put his back to the audience, with Mom face until he complied would have been perfect. Ignoring her, made him look predator and her look prey, especially to the feeble minded bullies that love him so much.