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Grandma Lea Free

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  1. about 10 hours ago on Brian McFadden

    Nostalgia, remembering the beatings, torment and suffering; while hoping no one else has to experience them. Remembering opening mass graves so people could be identified and given a proper funeral. Seeing the results of system failure and the reinturnment of kids who trusted a system to protect them that failed. Or should we wish for a better tomorrow where the truth is really spoken

  2. about 14 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    And there is tRump playing with his johnson in public again

  3. about 14 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Proxy bankrupt and money laundering as well as bribes for just a few

  4. about 14 hours ago on John Deering

    Wasn’t there a kids book on the never ending story, in her case it is a never ending list!

  5. about 14 hours ago on Chip Bok

    People need read more of Benedict de Spinoza works,

  6. about 14 hours ago on Lisa Benson

    People in leadership positions have not learned to resolve their issues without killing others; the idiots want Cerberus and the dogs of war released, where they will show how little common sense humans have in controlling their animalistic instincts and more innocent people will die because they are stupid.

  7. about 14 hours ago on Clay Bennett

    pushed put vs pushed out, and I also have difficulty with English especially spelling, but then again I misspell in 9 languages

  8. 1 day ago on Rose is Rose

    Hatch NM is the Chile Capital of the world

  9. 1 day ago on Rose is Rose

    What is the favorite vegetable of her and her mother when they show their alter-egos?

  10. 1 day ago on For Better or For Worse

    The dog gets shot