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  1. about 10 hours ago on Clay Jones

    You know you’re old if…your first car had a carburetor.

  2. about 10 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Here’s a funny one….the orange blob, von shitzentpantz, was claiming today, that his supporters were kept away by the police. The blobster needs to know, that’s not the reason nobody came to wave today.

    The was one guy, but he was wearing an Elmo costume.

  3. about 10 hours ago on Clay Jones

    I may be nitpicking, but, please stay off of the dunes. They’re fragile and suffer by human traffic. If you have the urge to hump each other, get a room.

  4. about 17 hours ago on Robert Ariail

    Oh, I’d love to drop a house on that witch.

  5. about 20 hours ago on Clay Jones

    Mike Cohen has a nickname for the orange blob…

    “Von Shitzenpantz” ….I kinda like it. The kinda nickname that will stick on a guy.

  6. about 24 hours ago on Clay Jones

    I sent Judge Merchan a postcard, told him I was ready to serve on his jury. Never heard back. What’s wrong with these people?

    LOCK ’IM UP!

  7. 1 day ago on Monty

    Three dog night, good music for garage and=or cellar dancin’. You know, when no one is there to laugh at you and you can get down and funky.

    A.I. won’t let me use backslash or forward slash, I’m gonna have to put my giant brain to work, on how to solve this problem….+/- ? That seems to work but makes no sense.

  8. 1 day ago on Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons

    Once again, goodwyn displays his ignorance. Sad. So sad.

  9. 1 day ago on Bill Bramhall

    And we see the Israelis slaughtering women and children.

    Adolf would laugh at them. There will never be peace and the Israelis will never wash the blood from their hands.

  10. 1 day ago on Robert Ariail

    Big business went South to evade the unions. Well, you can run, but you can’t hide.