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Doug K Free

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  1. 4 minutes ago on Working It Out

    Would it be a paid internship? Can it be done in utero?

  2. 5 minutes ago on Andertoons

    “Whatcha gonna do with them? Whatcha gonna do without them?”

  3. 10 minutes ago on Red and Rover

    Rover felt a disturbance in the Force.

    The Force is strong between these two.

  4. 16 minutes ago on Dark Side of the Horse

    Or Cornered has gone over to the Dark Side of the Horse: “Going up?”:


  5. 22 minutes ago on Rubes

    In a perfect world, they wouldn’t have this job.

  6. 24 minutes ago on Chuckle Bros

    I think it’s actually ambuloambulophobia.

  7. 27 minutes ago on F Minus

    They really should switch back to regular. The couples floss costs more just because it’s called couples floss. They can still enjoy the same romance flossing together like this and saving money and floss.

  8. 34 minutes ago on Herman

    Not a problem. They took care of it themselves.

  9. 36 minutes ago on Farcus

    That’s why they built they home here. Location, Location. Location.

  10. 39 minutes ago on Cornered

    This elevator is functioning as a portal to a parallel reverse universe. He has just encountered his upside down self. [He should not get on. His counterpart should not get off. Physical contact could be catastrophic.]