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Retired, college educated, transportation (Aviation) related career. After retiring from aviation I kept inventory for a local electronics service company. Since total retirement I have expanded my cosmology hobby to where it takes up more of my free time. Even so, I cannot keep up with the flow of new discoveries and am slowly falling further and further behind. Moved into hospice care early in 2020. Much surprise from the three doctors involved, I am officially beginning the fourth year of being in the under 1% to live past the ten year mark. Two heart attacks so now I have a stent in the front coronary artery. I find most of the conflicts I have endured over time are quite unnecessary now that I have a truly objective viewpoint. Been looking at death too many years to even think about blinking.

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  1. almost 3 years ago on Clay Bennett

    I do believe it is a twofer, and idiot and a bigot. Add a few smarts and it could be amusing, but that did not happen.

  2. about 3 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Yup, a good whupping is what he needs. The he will know how to handle that Susie Derkins the right way.

    Don’t you love how easy it is to pass along violence?

  3. about 3 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Judging by Ed’s goofy lookin’ countenance, in may be somewhat underpriced.

    Value in your eye or whatever.

  4. about 3 years ago on Wallace the Brave

    “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” in 3D was my very first 3D purchase and I watched it in glorious depth for several years. Now I cannot find reasonable replacement parts since the large companies quit on them.

    It just is not the same in 2D, specially the rounded stalactite with the art curling around to the back. Miss the curve in 2D.

  5. over 3 years ago on Clay Bennett

    Think of Germany and their failed coup. They let him go and he planned much better from what he learned.

    This is sad but true.

  6. over 3 years ago on Clay Bennett

    ferddo says, “I’ve found it interesting that many elderly folks will take the vaccine – even if they fear it because of their steady diet of Fox News – because they will do what they’re told to do… must be why entities like Fox prey on them…”

    I am elderly and I took the vaccine so I would not catch the virus. I am one of Einsteins’ insane folks, I keep explaining how science does not care about beliefs, only truths and expect the ignorant to understand this time.

    No, they are afraid to understand and so never will. Let them die, they are worse than useless, they cause damage to that which is good.

  7. over 3 years ago on Clay Bennett

    I have a daughter in Idaho, more than once I have asked why. There are bubbles, cliques, whatever, that do follow guidelines, she has had both shots and wears a mask out of consideration for those who do not know she is vaccinated.

    My son, in West Virginia, is a Close second behind Alaska, number one for per capita vaccinated. He also still masks up just to be polite. There is enough stress to go around without adding more.

    Good kids means I was a good parent? The daughter that stayed home to babysit me is too forgiving at times, leaving me at odds.

    Anyway, no mask burnings here. Are the masks responsible four personal problems? No sweat, the mask cannot cause ED if it is not worn, so why burn it?

  8. over 3 years ago on Jeff Danziger

    Regarding lack of sympathy because she was warned. Once I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I was told to expect some severe pain, very severe. All the forewarning in the world cannot prepare the reality when it hits home. A reference point or context is needed. If it were to happen again I would understand, but not the first time.

    There is no way she knew what she was getting into, nothing she had ever experienced in life even remotely touches on the venom she received, including those who’s attacks only hurt themselves. Hate is self replicating when encouraged publicly.

  9. over 3 years ago on Mike Luckovich

    It was a deliberate attempt at genocide by a man who never played chess. Non whites still exist so far, but then, so does Trump, still spewing hate and fear.

    Sad that it works so easily, history is one hundred percent against this turning out well.

  10. over 3 years ago on ViewsAfrica

    You make it sound like Trump and Putin are still on the same page when it comes to remaking America in their own image.