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  1. almost 4 years ago on Clay Bennett

    I remember how the campus exploded at Fresno State after the Ohio National Guard shot down 4 white students at Kent State.

    Anybody who tells you that white people wouldn’t go just as bat-sh*t crazy if you make a habit of murdering them under color of the law is whizzing in your ear.

  2. almost 4 years ago on Jack Ohman

    I borrowed the audio book from the Sonoma County Library. They participate in two free programs – online “Hoopla” & “Overdrive” — with audiobooks, ebooks, and films.

    If your local library doesn’t participate, you can find one that will.

  3. almost 4 years ago on Jack Ohman

    Glad to hear it. I went from Stockton Junior High, which was around 1/3 white, brown, and black, to Robbinsdale Jr. High which was totally white. The bullies still beat up the other kids.

    The difference was that at Stockton the teachers tried to hold it down and at Robbinsdale the teachers ignored it and ate their lunch. I remember a math teacher spending an hour ranting about Italians with an Italian/American girl in the class —and nothing happened to him.

    Minnesota is a wonderful state, but people like “that f*ckin Flowers” ain’t that thick on the ground…and then the leeches, horse flies, and mosquitos of course.

  4. almost 4 years ago on Signe Wilkinson

    English might be OK, but don’t wear a MAGA hat what with Trump’s tariffs. Still the only place on this continent where you can still buy real unpasteurized Morbier cheese…

    C’est si bon!

  5. almost 4 years ago on Clay Bennett

    And another thing. People get hit in the head by police rubber bullets and tear gas rounds, they get put in the general jail population where they have been raped and infected with HIV, Dirt bag racists run them down with cars. You should definitely consider carefully before you go to a demonstration. If the Quakers or Mennonites aren’t there, you shouldn’t be either.

    Screw it send money to the NAACP instead. That gets better results.

  6. almost 4 years ago on Clay Bennett

    You can look up “kettling” on wikipedia to see the tactic the police use to arrest a mass protest. If you are in groups no larger with a platoon with a leader of some sort, you have (a) control over who does what and (b) you can evade getting caught up in a sweep and spending the night locked up.

    Also don’t wear earrings and ties or anything like that. Have a toothbrush and write some phone numbers on your skin somewhere. Hide your small camera in your shorts if they’re about to take you.

    But the BEST protest tactic is get everybody to tell your local politician what’s going to happen to his damn ward heeling butt if he doesn’t wise up PDQ.

    PS: If they declare a war, protests don’t work anymore.

  7. almost 4 years ago on Clay Bennett

    The reason that I became very leary of organized protests against the Viet-Nam war was that during the pre-protest meetings there were always guys in the back of the room who were planning violent mischief.

    Who were they? They were trouble with a 40 point headline. That’s all anybody knew. We had never seen them before.

    You don’t need a crowd if you have a good reason to protest. Ten people you know are enough. More people ? More groups. NO crowds.

  8. almost 4 years ago on Jack Ohman

    Meanwhile Corona virus is still going. I am listening to John Toland’s history of the Battle of the Bulge and the lesson it poses for us today is striking.

    The brass let their guard down in the Ardennes and ignored serious warnings of Nazi movements. “Why there’re no Nazi’s over there!”.

    Just like people today think the local area isn’t crawling with infection. I can hear the chatter on my 2 meter rig. Beautiful weather —-Beautiful corona virus weather !!

    They never, never learn. Do they?

  9. almost 4 years ago on Clay Bennett

    Why would you imagine that he is not? Words mean entirely different things to those people.

    Do you still not understand the way Roger Stone and Karl Rove think about GOP “tactics”. What did you think “dark money” was for if not to buy thugs……of any color?

    Thugs is thugs.

  10. almost 4 years ago on Clay Bennett

    When Trump’s justice department stopped oversight on racist killings in every police department do you imagine that it was NOT a green light for “Pearl Harbor” attacks on every person of color in America?

    You think those people are in the street tonight because they want to just loot liquor stores? That’s Trump’s MAGA bull shit lie.