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  1. 7 months ago on Joel Pett

    For anyone who wants the actual, unvarnished truth about Israel and Palestine, go to YouTube and search “This Land is Mine” animation.

    That, or search “The Onion explains Israel and Palestine” from eight years ago.

    Both of them are dead on.

  2. 7 months ago on Mike Luckovich

    A Judge with a gavel smashing his phone forever.

  3. 7 months ago on Bill Bramhall

    Heck, try counting all the lies told in four years.

    Try counting the number of sexual assaults you’ve gotten away with.

    Try counting the number of infidelities you’ve commited.

    Try counting the number of Covid deaths you were directly responsible for.

    Try counting all the indictments you’ve amassed.

    Try counting the days till you’re convicted of insurrection, election interference, and tax fraud.

    Or better yet…….

    Try counting the millions of SHEEP that you’ve fleeced with your lies, hate, racism, white supremacy, pathological narcissism, misogyny, and treasonous petty ego.

    These are merely suggestions…..

    Pick any one of them to nod off to sleep…….when you’re IN YOUR JAIL CELL!!

  4. 7 months ago on Joey Weatherford

    Wait……am I seeing this correctly???

    The “big donor” doesn’t agree with the student’s statements, insinuating that he’ll withhold future donations…..

    …and HE’S calling them clowns????

    Another swing and a miss, Joey.

  5. 7 months ago on Matt Wuerker

    Someone from another post nailed it.

    His cartoon caricature is exactly like Hanover Fiste from the original “Heavy Metal”!

  6. 7 months ago on Tim Campbell

    Same old feeble rationalization you’ve tried to spew since your team fumbled the ball then blamed it on the opposing team.

    Find some new material, Lenny. It’s beginning to sound really desperate.

  7. 7 months ago on Jeff Danziger

    I’ve got four sons, but no dodders……

  8. 7 months ago on Eek!

    Turns out she wasn’t the gorilla his dreams….

  9. 7 months ago on Gary Varvel

    Fox News: “Never let facts get in the way of a good hatred!”

  10. 7 months ago on Jeff Stahler

    True – but I couldn’t find the right catchy comparison to chickens with their heads cut off….. : >)