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  1. 7 months ago on Grand Avenue

    Hysterical that you never refuted a single one of my points. Thank you for proving my point.

  2. 10 months ago on Gary Varvel

    Free speech is not intimidating judges. I guess you can’t understand the difference.

  3. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “Says the man who can’t stop himself from replying, :-)”

    Thank you for obeying my command. Reply again, I COMMAND YOU!

  4. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “@Louis from NYWhy do you keep proving your compulsion? :-)”

    Right on cue! Why do you keep following my commands? :-)

    Wlly Blly, respond again! I command it! :-)

  5. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “@Louis from NYI’m not the one who denied having a compulsion. You did.

    Thanks for proving me right. Yet again! :-)"

    Says the person who responded on my cue.

    Again, please…

  6. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “Golly gee, I thought you had no “compulsion”.

    Thanks for proving me right. Again. :-)"

    I do not have a compulsion, and I didn’t prove you right at all.

    Now, prove me right: you will be compelled to answer this. I’ll wait for you to prove me right with a response.

  7. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “Thanks for proving me right. :-)”

    I did no such thing. But continue, by all means. :-)

  8. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “I have no compulsion” isn’t an answer when it’s obvious that you have one. :-)"

    A – Says the man with the obvious compulsion.

    B – Wrong yet again. “I have no compulsion” is most certainly an answer. You may disagree with it, but it is an answer nonetheless.

    Our discussion is concluded. Unless of course, your compulsion compels you to reply to the concluded discussion to keep it going. :-)

  9. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “And still the man can’t answer, or understand, a simple question.”

    And still the man has difficulty with reading comprehension. I answered your “simply question” not but 15 hours ago. Scroll back and read my answer. Yet the master of projecting his behavior onto others continues. I’m waiting for your forthcoming “I know you are, but what am I” reply.

  10. over 1 year ago on Gary Varvel

    “A simple question that you can’t understand. Hmm… clarity doesn’t seem to work in your case. :-)”

    Again, says the person speaking of compulsions, the master of projection…