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    There are several differences between reading books and watching television. The programs on TV are limited with each having a time limit. On the other hand, there is a wide variety of books to choose a proper one. Reading makes a man perfect. There is no time limit for reading books. TV provides visual images but the televiewer has a limited choice of programs. He has to adjust himself to the scheduled programs of a particular television channel. But as for the book, a reader’s imagination plays a vital role. He can freely read a book which is a personal activity.

    Over the years it has been observed that the standard of television programs has been decreasing for commercial purposes. Lots of mega-serials have encroached into the place of educational programs. Commercial breaks are common even during the news bulletin. Most of the programs center around music and soap operas modeled on popular Hindi films. The glitter of the programs attracts the youth and the children so much that they get addicted to a cheap culture. Thus they are derailed from their own cultural heritage. The authorities of various TV channels should reconsider airing the programs for its betterment and at the same time for the national interest.

    The proverb is a reference to how the blacksmith heats the iron to make it malleable. Once it is cooled, the blacksmith loses the opportunity to mold it into the desired shape. Our lives are like iron; when an opportunity presents itself, we should be ready to use it in order to change our lives. Once the time has passed, there is no point in sulking about lost opportunities. Wise men stay alert and recognize opportunities when they present themselves. The foolish ones on the other hand stand by and watch as opportunities pass by. Our reluctance to take risks can often leave us empty-handed.

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    liar liar pants on fire. Coal is a very useful hard and black material collected from mines. The woods buried under the earth for a long time turn into coal by some chemical change. Earthquakes cause vast forest areas to dip underground and help to bring about such changes due to tremendous heat and pressure. In our country coal mines are found at Asansol, Raniganj, Dhanbad, Jharia, Giridih, Chaibasa, etc. India exports coal to Japan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Coal is used as fuel for domestic purposes and also in factories and industries. Most of the trains and steamers move by consuming coal in steam engines.

    Someone humorously remarked that our age can be called “The Plastic Age’. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. It does not assimilate with soil and reduces the fertility of the land. It cannot be recycled automatically and harms the life cycle on the earth. But, plastic is replacing the traditional use of jute, cotton, or paper materials and is becoming a menace to the living world. Children run the risk of being suffocated while playing with plastic bags. Colored plastic carry-bags cause poisoning of the food. Plastic wastes, if not carefully disposed of, very often lead to the choking of the sewage system.

    The newspaper is the mirror of the world. It plays a vital role in modern civilization. In our country newspapers are published in many languages. It helps us to acquire general knowledge. Newspapers provide reports, speeches, reviews on trade and commerce, films, sports, etc, and puzzles. Sometimes it publishes articles written by great scholars. People read newspapers for both profit and pleasure. It brings to the public valuable views, acts of injustice, oppression, and maladministration. It exposes the grievances of the people and criticizes the authorities for their failure. It shapes public opinion. Therefore, freedom of the press should not be barred.

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