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  1. about 15 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    " I’ve had long, drawn out back and forths exposing his mendacity quite a few times now."

    Which is of course his real goal.

  2. about 17 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    Sweet potato Hitler is a LOT more likely to come for your guns than any “Lib”.

    Check your definition. Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

    Sounds way more like the mango mussolini than it does Biden.

  3. about 18 hours ago on Jeff Stahler

    Don’t forget the shape shifting lizard people that secretly run the world.

  4. about 19 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    So you aren’t allow to speak and he took away your guns? No, let me guess…he’s gonna. You just know he’s a comin’ any day now to pull your gun from your cold dead hand. But if the libs were going to do all that fox news fear mongering cr@p wouldn’t they have already done it?

  5. about 19 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    There’s plenty of coulda, woulda, shoulda in our electoral system. How about going with one person one vote? You know, like most people think our system works. Fight to change the system and you have my support. Use the fact that the system is inherently flawed to let trump and the magats burn down what Democracy we do have and we’re going to disagree.

  6. about 19 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    Most people vote for the lesser of two evils. How someone sees trump as a lesser evil to Biden is beyond me but you do you.

  7. about 19 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    Poll Tests weren’t about intelligence. They were an excuse to deny Blacks their right to vote.

  8. about 20 hours ago on Ted Rall

    Generally DUI is not considered a felony until your 4th conviction. I did however look it up after I posted that and you’re right. A felony is not a legal disqualification…although it would be seen as one if a Democrat was facing what trump is. trump, Bush, and Cheney are republicons and we all know they are held to a different legal standard than the rest of us.

  9. about 21 hours ago on Ted Rall

    Even if there isn’t a magat on the jury forcing a hung jury if trump does get convicted he will first appeal, delaying any action. After that in the almost impossible happens and we get to sentencing he will be sentenced to house arrest at mar-a-lago, his golf courses, the campaign trail and ultimately the white house.

    I do have a question. If he does get found guilty that would make him a convicted felon. My impression is that being convicted felon automatically disqualifies you from holding public office. How does he get around that?

  10. about 22 hours ago on Mike Luckovich

    and apparently still do today.