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  1. 9 months ago on Gaturro

    And a late Happy New Year! Do you read other comics? I’m catching up on some but most arent’ very exciting. I hope Phantom can avoid his destiny as told by Old Man Mos.

  2. 12 months ago on Gaturro

    I have seen up to OCt 19 but with no comments. I came back to this date to see any comments and wondered what was going on

  3. 12 months ago on Gaturro

    When I opened my go comics page today (Oct. 19), Gaturro wasn’t there. I had to look for it and then saw no comments until this page. You may have to do the same. Re-add it to your page.

    Interesting conversation between Sam and Abbey. I’ll have to try to catch up on the Phantom tomorrow. There didn’t seem to be much happening in other strips I follow.

  4. about 1 year ago on Gaturro

    But Gaturro has many expressive faces.

  5. about 1 year ago on Gaturro

    They are actually doing what this strip was about = lawyers and criminals and criminal justice.

  6. about 1 year ago on Gaturro

    Phantom is back to reality and I hope it’s better than old man Moss’s foretelling.

  7. about 1 year ago on Gaturro

    Kit talks as though it’s the end of the line of Phantoms unless Heloise takes the oath.Comments at CK: Some think this is not real, but still Moss’ s predictions.

  8. about 1 year ago on Gaturro

    Abby is addressing her anger toward the right persons now. It may help but I won’t make any prediction.

  9. about 1 year ago on Gaturro

    He wants them to think that he is doing brave tricks or something…. Notice Agatha is on the roof top. Perhaps he could get there if not for that snake!

  10. about 1 year ago on Gaturro

    Liked that you posted AND liked Mary’s recognition of the holiday