About Amanda the Great

Amanda the Great is a comic about its author, Amanda, and her long-suffering fiancé (and eventually, husband) Dan. Starting in 2012 and moving forward during Amanda and Dan’s engagement, this strip chronicles situations at home and work, and between friends and family. Most of it actually happened, and even some of it is verbatim. The alter egos  that make an appearance at times did not actually happen. You’ll have to rationalize that in your own special way.

The comic is set in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and then moves to Moorhead, Minnesota, and eventually western North Dakota. Midwest is best, you know.

About Amanda:

Amanda was born and raised on a farm in NE North Dakota. She obtained a B.F.A. in Visual Arts at the University of North Dakota, and has worked in non-art-related jobs ever since (until now), which has provided her with a lot of material for comics. She is married to Dan, and lives in western North Dakota with him and their two cats - Toonces and Ric Flair.

The Cast:

Amanda (the Great): The title character, one and the same as the cartoonist. Engaged (and eventually married to) the Dan character. She employs various alter egos (ie, Young Amanda) to rationalize and problem solve.

Dan: Amanda’s long-suffering fiancé (and eventually, husband), Dan is an attorney, and often the straight-man for Amanda. He is the rational one in the relationship, let’s just say.

Amanda’s Parents: They live about ten hours away from Amanda, and are often shown on the phone with her helping her by giving advice.

Amanda’s cats: The black cat is Ninja Faye, and the grey cat is Toonces Marie. She’s had them since she was twenty-two.

Young Amanda: Child version of Amanda, used as a means of giving a face to Amanda’s nagging thoughts, insecurities, and doubts.

Angermemnon: The monster that is the manifestation of Amanda’s anger.

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