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The “Cathy” comic strip ran from 1976 to 2010. When it was launched, there were no other syndicated humor strips by or about women, and the world was a very different place. Dating before cell phones, dieting before low-fat, swimwear before…well, actually swimwear only got worse.

Cathy became an empathetic voice for women trying to date men who were raised on a TV show called “Father Knows Best”, a champion of women trying to start careers when people argued over whether a woman should be “allowed” to have a job, and a touchstone for a generation of woman navigating the “four basic guilt groups” of food, love, mom and work during decades of great cultural change. Enjoy looking back and seeing how far we’ve come, and seeing how much is still relatable today. The infuriating fashion industry…the wrangling of will power…the unwavering hope and, of course, the beautiful Mom in the mirror.

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